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originally published on Dec 2. 2014 on my FB wall
FB: Pope, Pharaoh, Serpent

It doesn't matter, what do you think about Christianity. Maybe Christianity is just a dumb and a damn thing for you, stupid and blind and cruel religion of yesterday. But the fact is, that it is written in the Bible, that in the last days (before Antichrist will come and after him Christ), that people will fall away from the Christian faith and that they will worship the Dragon, Satan.

Today people like more and more snakes, blood thirsty dinosaurs, dragons and opening of the third eye and calling the spiritual guides into themselves (or gods) - they willingly renounce the control of their life and body and they give it to another entities about whom they do not know much... "Old" religions are becoming more and more popular - Egyptian, Slavic religions, Shamanism, Islam, Hindu religions and so on...

The whole world is uniting itself. Leaders of so called "Christians" have renounced the Bible and now, they are uniting themselves with other religions, even with Atheism. The world is uniting itself - but God is not uniting it, nor the truth nor love, but something else... There is another force, which is uniting the world... the Dragon, the Devil, sweet lying words, which resemble to the truth and something, which resembles love, but it is not.

If you don't want to hear the truth, if you don't want to see - you will be cheated. You will get, what you want. And millions of people know, that what those two guys are speaking about goes completely against the Word of God - but they don't care. And millions of people have seen this photo and they don't care... God is not a monster - He will give you, what you want. You want to be cheated? - No problem... You want to perish forever and to suffer in hell - no problem. You want to be in a company of lying people, who are full of hatred - and in a company of the Dragon - no problem... You hate God? You don't care for your own soul? You think all this is joke? Well, if you think, that life is a joke, your soul is a joke, God is a joke - then know that the last joke will be on you and you won't find it funny...

Those are harsh words, but that's the truth. Those words are not as pleasant as lies are - but the truth can save you, lies will destroy you.

And that is not my opinion - and I don't have a blind faith in a book... God had open my ears and my eyes through real Christians, who hear, who see and who love God's word, God himself and all people.

And if you also want to hear, want to see, want to love - start searching and you will find too, your ears will be opened and your eyes too and you will start to love :)

God bless you all and let God have mercy even on "Christian" leaders, that they might repent from their evil doings and turn to Him. I know that many would rather perish than to glorify Jesus, the real one... but still, I can pray for them. Blessed be the Lord. It is because of the Gospel, that I can do that - I, by myself, would never ever be able to do that - to wish everyone all the best.