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originally posted: January 18, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Why are people not reading the Bible?

Just watch it :) and if you don't feel like to - read the post :)

The question could also be: why people don't watch this video? :)

or why do you feel bad, when reading these words? :)

Words of this Christian were very harsh to me years ago... but I had to admit that they were true.

This video had exposed everything what I was hiding even from myself... I couldn't believe it - I thought that this cannot be done. No one had done this to me before that, no one! People actually helped me to cover up my evil nature. Here and there someone exposed something but at the same time he or she covered up even more. So listening to this video, I felt as I would be naked... without my clothes on, any kind of covering of my evil nature. Completely naked before God as Adam and Eve were and felt ashamed... and so will feel numerous people, when kneeling in front of God. I couldn't justify myself any longer - so I had to accepted his justification, clothes, garments, which he is giving to Christians :)

This man completely exposed my evil nature in 10 minutes... :)

Before that I felt so save about my covering up... I thought that I had so many "powerful" excuses... but when my evil was completely exposed, I remember, how joyful was I and I smiled and was grateful to God :) All these coverings are actually a burden and not help at all. No more lies, no more excuses nor self justifications :)

And now? Now I find his words so sweet. I hope you will too. God bless him.

Oh, how great it would be to live among Christians! How great it is to hear someone to speak like that... It is great but also a very, very rare, very, very... rare thing here, on the Earth for now :)

later comment: this "Christian" (?) - I cannot agree with him on many crucial things but... I can agree with the message of this video.