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originally posted: April 30, 2015 on my FB wall

Why is TED so dangerous?

I don't like TED... Why not? Because those guys and women pick up some things from the Bible, from Christianity, from the occult too (the major part) and they sell it as their own thing... They might figure out some things by themselves - but all those things were already known to many people - maybe not to you... or me... People are impressed by TED. They like it - it has appearance to be something smart - wise - without mentioning of God... and that is of course not possible. TED is a propaganda of the new religion for the new religion of man and technology, the devil... The same minded people, who brought this world, where it is now, are behind the scenes or stages of TED too. They messed up the world, and now, they are coming up with their own godless solutions... The world is completely against God and against you too... and majority follows it. And then those "enlightened" people came to the scene. They are either exposing the evil, telling some truth but at the same time, they give you a nice sounding alternative, which is based on the same foundations... It is very deceiving, very manipulating... Or they just implant very harmful wishes in the minds of people - who are not aware of the danger...

So, where two options is all what you have - search for the third one, which is being covered up. Come to the Bible. Don't listen to the lying words of men or women - but come to the word of God, to the truth, to love and to everlasting life - not death, be blessed, not cursed... But this choice is yours - it is your life and it is your responsibility - you will be held responsible, for what you have done or will do in your life. You will not give answer to me... but to the Lord - as I will too. My job is to tell what I know and to do that in the most loving way I can - but at the same time not compromise the truth (=not to lie). This God is just god, god, who loves the weak ones... god, who loves the truth, who is truth... he is the most powerful and if you are not right with him - and no one can be sure, that he or she is - as long as we are not right with him, we should fear him... all until the love in us will not grow and become perfect...