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originally posted: April 30, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: TED lecture 3/3

Ok, this lecture seems to be a genuine one at least at the beginning. But has this guy come to those conclusions by himself or not? Whatever he says - there is some truth in it. But much more truth one gets from listening some Christian lectures about the topic... One gets much deeper insights... He might heard some lectures and now he is "selling" the "knowledge", the "revelation" as his own or it might be, that he came to those conclusions by himself.

But in either cases, he doesn't go deep. He is a double agent (willingly or unknowingly). People, who reject to hear Christians about the topic, might like this lecture - but if you want the truth - The wizard of Oz or any "good" story is in reality very dangerous one... Don't teach or read or buy such stories to your children... Give a 0 support to evil... If you want to know more - you can find something in my books or at my site or just search the web... and you will find. One good site might be - I don't agree with everything what they say - but there is much, much more truth than in any TED's lecture... They cover this topic quite well.

And why not read the Bible to your children? Because what? It is a lie? It is the truth but I can show you a lots of lies, you willingly or unknowingly picked up from our godless society... everything in our society is lie... and you are aware of many lies and you are spreading them... And you have the guts to say, that you care about the truth... lying to your own children... about Santa Clause and so on and so forth... We are dirty, we are sick... that's fine - there is a cure - come to the real healer... The moment you know you are dirty - you are held responsible, if you desire to remain dirty. One thing is, when you don't know - and another one is - what do you do, when you find out... If you prefer to stay dirty at that time - then great is your dirtiness.

So, is according to you the meaning of life to stay dirty, to get dirty or to be pure?

Is your god a dirty one or Holy, Holy, Holy one? They are not the same...