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originally posted: August 12, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Minions

"The whole world is colored in yellow - but why?"

Why? I will tell you why. Do you know how many children are on pills? Mental disorders... life without love is real suffering... and that is popular today.

Like candies Tic Tac... they resemble pills. It is a huge indoctrinational commercial and people are even paying for it!

Pills are fun... is the message and there are even darker messages parents are implanting into their children by such harmful propaganda, religion.

Written at the top of the second page: "Minions are taking the world and you may think, whatever you want"

Yes, pills are taking the world, you are becoming sicker and sicker but we don't care. We don't care, what you think... We like money, pills... That's the obvious message of this sentence.

"Thinkers and those who are explaining things, are trying to give an answer to the question - why are they so popular"

Thinkers in a consumer society? That's a joke - but it is a bad one. If those people are thinkers, than I am super, super intelligent - and without using pills/drugs.

It is a commercial, propaganda: life with drugs is fun... I say: life in love is fun (not in lust but in caritas).

If you want to destroy your children - go with the popular culture or popular alternatives, which are not. Go with the flow, as dead fish... Life will be to painful for you and all your family will need some sort of drugs... I don't need drugs anymore (alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, chocolate included) nor meditation, nor yoga. I trust love, the Bible, I think, I feel, I am alive and I am happy for everyone, who comes out of this extremely dangerous, lethal, deceiving popular culture – world

additional comment, 28.7.2016
I have just seen it... On the front page: Pri denarju se vse začne - Evertyhing starts with money... Really? Everything? Life, love, truth?
Everything starts with God and Jesus said: one cannot serve mamon, which is considered to mean money and God. The world pledges its allegiance to money.