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originally posted: August 12, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Lies in a newspaper

Some obvious lies in today's newspaper, supported by my relatives (not by me)

Repetition of false, wrong, short ideas over time changes, corrupts minds of people (brain-washing or brain-polluting)

Picture 1. implants into an average human mind an idea, that Arc of Noah is a joke and that people were stupid since they believed such things. This is being implanted into children's minds, that the Bible is a joke - over and over and over again. Bible - bad, drugs, yoga, witchcraft, masses - good. There is a description of the Arc in the Bible - it was huge! and not so ridiculously small. People still have some doubts about it - but when you start to think, you get the answers.

Picture 2. "Is cheating (being unfaithful) good for marriage?" If people would know what love is, if they would love, this question would never pop out but since they don't, since they don't know, how beautiful marriage can be... they have made themselves their own definition of it... then I guess, one can tell you, that it is ok to be unfaithful in a particular way... and people are gladly paying for such lies, which more and more permeate the entire humankind...

The title of the section is: For soul and body... well for what kind of soul and body? Sick, dead... Step by step people are buying those lies... Too bad for them...