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originally published: August 26, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Seat commercial

Hurting girls is fun - the message of a Seat commercial (2015) says

If you don't understand Spanish:

Look at this... It's karma. You have to apologize to all the girls you have hurt...

You will never change... :):) hahaha

The overall message is: let's go, vamos, let's hurt some girls... It's loco - crazy, fun :) The more girls you hurt, the more people will like you ;)

I have just seen the commercial on Slovenian TV, when passing by.

To how many messages of hatred, harmful ideas one is exposed in his life? Pretty much everyone falls for it...

Hurting people makes money ¥ € $ YES, YES... and that's a good thing in our "society"... well, in your society... in your loco, crazy world... but there is another world, much, much nicer - happy, fun but not crazy... Thank God for that

additional comment: Signing petitions and sharing is not enough... Words without power behind are a joke. When you see something disturbing on TV, you could tell your friends and write a letter to a particular TV station or/ and to a company, that put such a thing on TV. Write them, that you don't like their attitude... and if they will not change, you will ignore their TV station no matter, what's on their program, and you will not even think to buy their products... Seat or Volkswagen (Seat is a part of a Volkswagen group as far as I know)... in this case...

There are 50% women and 50% men out there - women have a tremendous power to decide which TV station to watch, which car to buy... but they obviously don't care how the world is being programmed to hurt them - they even support such things. Well, I care!