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originally posted: October 11, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Deceiving power of false gods - taking control over bodies...

Giving your body to devils to gain power - is a stupid thing to do. Why? Because they have the power, you are giving them the power over your body - you are weaker and they are stronger...

A human body can even have a burning fire in its mouth and nothing happens to it... or it can eat glass... by the power of the devils...

Yes, the devils have some power - but all their power together, combined with the whole humanity doesn't come even close to the Lord's power.

I shared this post once again on my FB timeline and this was the associated text - 30/7/2016

I am transferring my posts to my web-site. I am deleting them from FB page. And this one I find very interesting. If you were in witchcraft, in the occult, you know, how easy it is to call "spirits" into your own body. The problems is, that sometimes, they don't want to go out! Think about that! Of course by the power of Jesus (the real one) - I am not speaking about fake Catholic or other exorcists - by the power of Jesus devils go away.

But what I find very dangerous... all those evil things my friends, who are parents, are teaching their children. For example through a cartoon Ratatouille. Slovenian subtitle is: Umrl bi, da bi postal kuhar. I or he would die to become a cook... Wow... And this guy allows a rat, a beast to come upon his head (devil goes into your head as for example Kundalini or spirits in Charismatics movement or in shamanism or through spiritual "exercises" of Jesuits etc...) and the animal controls him completely!!! The guy pretends, that it is he, who is cooking... He is living in a lie, under a complete control of an animal, rat! He is cheating people! And he, he is a enslaved! I have seen only maybe a half of the cartoon... but enough to see, how dangerous it is.

It implants in your children an idea, that living in a lie is a good thing. To surrender your body to someone else, is a good thing... Your children will be great cooks, acrobats, mathematicians... and they might desire to be that more than anything else. They might want to die to become someone... And they will die, if they will not call upon the name of the Lord Jesus. And you are teaching them such things... I am astonished, what things are doing your children. So much knowledge but so little love!!! It is truly - as it was in the time of Noah, so it will be before Jesus returns... that's what Jesus said...

We are in a war... in a war of ideas, a spiritual war. Majority doesn't even know that... They just accept every possible lie, evil... The bad guys are considered good and some few good guys are considered crazy, bad guys (or women).

Isn't better to receive a spirit of love, a God's spirit than some stupid spirit, who tells you some stupid things? Oprah, for example, admitted, as far as I know, that she was advised what to do, how to do... by some spirits of deceased persons. In reality they are deceiving spirits, devils. She has so much money, so much blind followers - well, she had them... she was as god... goddess but can you see through her eyes? And if so, what do you see?

Today many people believe miracles of science, of spirits... all them are counterfeiting the power of God. The greatest power, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, when you realize, that it is the truth, can change you - not into a cook or a media star - it can change you into loving being!!!

In Vodoo, they can eat glass or put burning coal into their mouths... So what! Healers can heal you (sometimes)... so what? You might feel in ecstasy, in some kind of peace - but you still don't care for others. If you don't care for others, please, don't call that love! But the Gospel can heal your heart!

Without love, we are nothing, Paul writes. Who cares, if you are number 1 in some stupid sport! Who cares? Who cares about you? They care about your achievements (if they are yours - or are they achievements of doping, drugs), they care about your fame... power... but who cares about you? Rat, the devil can give you a lot of things, but it always takes away from you that, which is the most important. Usually that happens with your own approval... You want to live in lie? You want to cheat others? You will be cheated. When you will get, become a cook or whatever, you will realize, that this is not, what you have desired... For some it is not too late... For some it is. Why taking a risk? Why?

You are in danger, my friend. You are in the middle of a war... it seems, that your side is winning but it will lose... Take time and think for a moment or two! Please!

God bless and bless God :)