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originally posted: October 11, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: John of "god" - power of the devils

I have heard about John of God 7, 8 years ago. I wanted to visit him. In the meanwhile I got saved. And he became even more famous. Many people - even people from such a small country as Slovenia is - went to him. Some with cancer, some with other diseases or just to become more spiritual...

CNN speaks nice about him and he was on Oprah show too...

They all lead people toward "miracles"... Spirits, devils have some power - so what?

If someone gives you 50 €, which fell out of your wallet - according to him - will you trust such a person your house, millions of dollars? I guess not. But people, who are "cured" by the devils, give, dedicate their life, soul to them... Wake up! Health nor even this body is not so important as the everlasting life is. Is not so important than your soul is important!

I trust the Lord in health or in disease and by his mercy I was, am and will be praising him... Why? Because I see!!! I was "blind" but now I see. I see lies and I see the truth! And I am not the only one - praised be the Lord!