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originally posted: October 11, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Coming "home" for a few days

From the local, secular monthly newspaper, printed for every household in a local community

A tree of peace was planted. Mair, catholic priest, impersonal Yoga association and of course kids...

Program School in nature - picture taken in front of the roman catholic temple

During summer vacation children have too much time - there were no activities for them for long, long years and this problem was solved by roman catholics. More and more children are playing and being indoctrinated by them. Teaching Satanism in the name of Christ. And with Oratorij 10+ they are after adults too.

One of the major projects, which started to hold community together is a revival of medieval plays - as Passion is. At that time to people the Bible was taken away and now, they don't care about the Bible. Here is invitation to take part, to help with the Passion of the next year.

And what will happen this month?

Talk with p. (pater, father) Niko has a special place in the community... besides sport

I was Roman Catholic - if God willing I will sign out the next week. The main and more or less the only proof, they gave me for the existence of God was... because we say so. And who is we? People who burnt Bibles, who are making wars, who don't care for neighbours, who don't bless those, who hate them, but are killing them by the blessing of Roman priest... who love money and power... who were wrong (according to science and according to the Bible) but hey, if you don't think nor feel, everything is just fine.

The Lord says: love God - who is also the truth and the love, with all your mind, understanding...

And liars, Catholic religion and Yoga are saying... don't think, empty your mind...

There are two ways. One promises money, power, health but at the end one is left with nothing. And there is the way of Jesus Christ - where one dies for himself, lying organizations, false gods, hatred... who lives fir others and who dies for others - who gives his or her life to real God. It seems that such a person loses everything: money, power, respect and praises of people, health, life but in reality one is blessed even in this life, what to speak about the other.

Those, who will try to save their lives, will loose the but those, who will lost it because of my name, will find it. That's what Jesus said. To people it doesn't make sense but when you come to him, you know that it is so.

Satanic teaching, false Christs are everywhere, as it was foretold in the Bible. And they are deceiving many... Bible warns us but people don't care... sad, sad, sad... They are on a highway to hell... as I was, as I was...

But let the Lord bless you, love the truth, love the love and you will love him and every human being and nature too...