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originally posted: October 11, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Grimming

Grimming, Sept. 27

How beautiful Grimming is from the Klachau side!

I was not able to find a picture of it on the net from Klachau side. But it was so beautiful, that me and my friend wanted to go up and we went up - when we had a day off not caring for the snow, which fell in the meanwhile.

My first trip to mountains this year and first ever in a snow.

It was full of adrenaline. Too much for my taste :)

Not so high - there was the first memorial - someone died there on 20. July. I had to grab rocks with one hand, that I was able to took a picture. It was the beginning of climbing part. And later on - another memorial - another guy died there on 20. June.

And me and my friend were there on 27. September - a few days after the snow fell. When climbing over a 5, 6 m deep cave one could see only few grips to grip, rock and stones were wet and if I would slip there... - it was tough. There was no rope!

Visibility was about 50 m in some parts. Weather forecast didn't mention snowing or raining for that mountain but it was preparing to snow and after some hours, when we were already off the mountain, it did rain (at 800m) - did it snow at 2300m? Could be.

After climbing over the cave, the easier part followed - with rope.

But there was to much snow - we were also not sure, if it will snow or not, if it will freeze or not. It shouldn't freeze - but one cannot know. So we turned back - we had maybe half an hour to the top - but the risk was to high to continue. And we made the right decision - just when we came to the car - it started to rain.

I was enjoying so much already at low altitudes. There were a lot of chamoises. Nice climbing, fresh air, good company :) Later there was a bit too much snow and adrenaline for my taste - even thought we were climbing in a safe manner. The path was namely for experienced climbers and add to that snow and fog... Man, I was happy, that nothing bad happened.

Happy, happy, happy :)

I am happy to be alive - to see so many beautiful people,

to breathe air, to...

and now, after this climb, I have one more reason to be happy :)

I do not want to intentionally put myself into too great danger... as it is the case in climbing but I am sure, that some really, really tough things are waiting me in the future. I am preparing myself for that - but for such things one can never ever prepare enough.

It is not possible...

Oh, how will my life end? Could my blood be a memorial, saying: hier starb Milan Tomazin... (Here died Milan Tomazin)? But not while doing some silly climbing. The other memorial on the mountain testified about a man, who died while trying to save someone else.

To live for others and to die for others, while trying to rescue them, wanting to hurt no one, to die out of love and for love, for the greatest being of them all.

That's what my heart desires - that is the goal :) Nice goal :)