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originally posted: October 20, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Picasso

Is this painting of women really worth 160 million $ for this world? Well, I find that evil, because this world praises work of a man (or woman) more that the real thing, the real person. That's evil. I know so many people - and who is worth 160 million $ for this world? No one. No matter what we do, what we create - man and woman are worth more... To see beautiful eyes of my friends or people, who don't like me... their life is worth much, much, much, much more!! But the world disagrees. That's evil and I cannot and I refuse to fit in such a world.

The painting was sold at Christie's at New York (Big Apple) and that is how such people value humans... People, who have money, value humans much less and people, who love money and work for money, work for such people and assist them. And such people form a society, who basically hates people and loves work of men's hands. Sometimes, they hide their evil behind some charity... but they can never ever hide their hatred... Everyone can see it - if one has eyes to see.

The corrupted picture is worth more than the original for people at Christie's and for others at similar places but for Christ - the story is completely different...

Painting of women is a corrupted picture of women. The work of a man. It is worth more than people, the original for the people of this world but not for God and his people.

Money - usually with a picture of a corrupted wo-men - the same.

Corrupted wo-men are a corrupted picture of God. What is my worth in the eyes of the people of this world? Pretty much nothing... but for God... he renounced so much because of me, for me. And I can test that - I can be sure about that with all my mind. It is not a blind faith at all! He values me and you. He loves us! more than some stupid painting. But we are not worthy to be loved, we don't deserve it... because we were corrupted with our approval, consent. It is we, who have accepted evil and hurt others. And when we realize this, this image is corrected, repaired. We receive mercy! and this mercy lives in us and changes us and than we love God, people, animals, his creation, his work. There is no other way. But people, who want to deserve to be loved - they have another ideas, which of course, never ever work... why not? Because they value their life either too low (with their money, paintings, works - and that is evil) or too high (above others - and that is evil).