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originally posted: October-November, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Jim Carrey - Energy of Life

In the past many people asked me: Milan, how one makes this? How one makes that? And I showed them and explained them. And yet, when I start to speak about spiritual things, they refuse to listen. It is super easy though... but they "know" better... I don't get this. Majority of people needs more time to figure things out and yet for spiritual things, they have invested way less time and yet they claim, they know? Well, they don't know. They have an opinion but I / and I apologize for writing this because it seems proud but it isn't / I know now but not because I would be super smart or super special but because someone showed mercy on me, on me, who was not worthy of anything, not even mercy.

Please, don't be like those people. Please, don't believe actors, who are trained in pretending, who are not Caring.

Please, I beg you all... I followed this path years ago. I know, where it leads. It changed my mind and heart, that's true. But not to the better, as I have thought then but to the worse. And yet, nothing could separate me from the path I was on. Nothing! So it seemed. But then the truth had found me... I know, who I was and who i am now, I know, what I have received by accepting the truth and rejecting the lie. I know, what was I robbed before and where was I going before and now.

I can show that to everyone... But if you want to play with your own life, not caring for it... please know, that you (might? well surely) will lose it, together with many other things. Life is not a joke, it is something very, very beautiful, no matter in what condition we find ourselves.

If I would live in a Germany before the WWII, when people were making bombs and weapons and I would warned them, that they are wrong... They would hate me... Majority "knew" better... and yet, the German nation suffered a lot during and after the WWII.

There is a way, which seemeth right, but it is wrong and the way of Jim Carrey is definitely wrong...

It might sound nice and good in the first moment but if you love truth, if you love your life and life of others, if you love love... please, don't believe it. And if you cannot see, what is wrong with Jim Carrey's message, let me know. I will tell you.

Why? Because I do care. Because I know, that the ideas, which one accepts, are influencing one's life and boy, life of many people is a mess. They think, it is normal though... but it isn't.

The way of Jim Carrey is deceiving and against love and as such against life too. Yes, it might give you something. People of Germany enjoyed life for a couple of years... they had jobs, nice life... but at the end many lost everything and they all were marked with evil and suffered...

If my argument of intelligence doesn't convince you, then I will say this: I love you. I love to think of everyones beautiful eyes, smile, voice... and yours too but that has nothing to do with sexual attraction. It is incredible, that there is love in me and it even grows... In me!!! If it is in me, it can be in everyone!

It is painful to see people, who turn back from all those things I value the most. Not because I would be insulted or offended. There is no such thing in me anymore, as you know. It breaks my heart because I know, where such people are going and what kind of a life they live.

It breaks my heart to see, how so many people are so easily buying lies step by step... my friends, everyone... It breaks my heart... All those ideas, even you are accepting, not knowing or not wanting to know, where they deceive you, of what they are robbing you... where they lead you.

Take Care, please,
with love,

ps your life is not a game for me... sorry, if that hurts you but I value your life and life of everyone. When Jim Carrey says that your life is a game, people think, it is loving but is it? Is your life really a joke? Don't believe comedians.

You, similarly as I, are not worthy of anything good not even to be loved. But what will you do, when you realize that? Kill yourself, become depressed or start claiming, that you are such a god, who finds life a joke? There is another way... beautiful way... which leads into the real life, real love and this way can be trusted. There is no lie in it.

It is so different... many cannot understand it but yet so beautiful... and yet simple...