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originally posted: November 1, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Lake Constance

Today I got a free train ticket and made a trip to Bodensee (Lake Constance). Man, I wanted to jump in the water. It was not cold but I didn't take my towel with me. Surprisingly no one swam but I would. And I laid down on a warm rock. It felt better than any bed I have ever slept on! In front of me great lake... making lovely noise with its waves... above me trees and stony wall, sunshine warming me, underneath stones, rock... And I fell asleep for half an hour... :)

And people expect from others to work, work, work, just to pay off a rent or a mortgage for a poisonous, expensive apartment or a house? To buy oneself poisonous food? No, thanks. I am not mad. We need so little, so little... it is crazy, but we need so little... I know I can live anywhere... I could put couple of stones together and some wood and be just fine... I know it can be done... no fear... yeah, yeah, snow, I know... no problem :)

And people, they like to take photos of nature so much, they worship nature, they refuel their batteries in nature for what? That they can go back into their own little worlds, destroying the same nature with each and every breath of theirs and heart beat... and by doing so, destroying themselves too...

That is stupid... and yet, many people are doing that... I don't need nice pictures, I want the real thing!

But what we need and lack is love... Without it, we cannot live... and sound mind... Want the real thing!

And nature, be it so nice as it is, it is not the nicest. To be with friends, who love you, it is nicer and yet, I am alone. And even better than to be with friends, is to hear breathing and heart beat of a woman you love and who loves you too. To hear her beautiful voice, to see her, to smell her, to hold her, to draw a smile on her face and yet I am alone.

But man, life is great... life is great... I have everything. I have a sound mind and a soft heart. My batteries were filled about five years ago and I work, I work, I work and only here and there - as today, I take some rest... My batteries were not filled by nature, nor by mystical experiences, which are vain and empty, nor by man or woman... all those things last only for a moment or two if there is nothing more... My batteries were filled by his sweet word, the Bible :) and to see people, who notice me or not, who love me or not, to be in nature - that is all an extra fuel... Not enough on its own but nevertheless important extra part in my life, of everyone's life...

I don't like to take pictures of myself or people I have met with my cam (I want the real thing :) but I do take photos of them with my heart and I carry them in my heart... Before I was not able to but now... so great :)

But I do take photos of nature, because we are destroying it so quickly and to remind myself, how beautiful it was here and there... Nature is not so important to me anymore and I forget where I was and what I was doing but people... they stay in my memory... longterm memory :)

We need so little, so little, it is crazy how little do we need but yet we are destroying everything which helps us: nature and with nature humans and the Word of God, which can the only make us right and which was preserved in King James Bible and other old Protestant's Bibles... believe it or not... we need so little, so little, it is crazy how little do we need...

And please, do want the real thing! :)
God bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ,
without him, I would not bless anyone,
that's for sure
and if you want the real thing... It is not enough, that I say Bible and Jesus Christ. Which explanation of the Bible is the right one? Well, the one, by which the whole Bible makes sense / the whole Bible! If someone says, that there is a mistake in the Bible, search elsewhere and you will find, that there is no mistake in it. And if someone hides some verse from the Bible, which contradicts him, search elsewhere...
Search and ye shall find...
it can be done...
I wish you all the best,