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originally posted: November 8, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Persecution 2

Rachel Scott... Columbine shooting, targeting Christians. This was covered up by "liberal" media. Oh boy, did I cry for her and the others... it is already some years from then ... God bless her and the others... and on the other hand I am sad for Harris and his fellow... does anyone care!? Does Jim Carrey Care? God Jim Carrey and those who are buying his propaganda and propaganda of others, who are him alike?

There is more and more persecution of Christians in the USA... and it is amazing with what speed people are embracing Satanism and every possible lie... Europe is more or less safe for now, since Europe is mostly Catholic and they follow at least for the last 500 years Satan. And as the years are passing by, this is done more and more openly... they are changing now even those few teachings, which were still in agreement with the Bible... Yes, Europe is save now, if you are not a Christian...

Well, I have become one, (I) thank God :)

if you care at least a bit, watch first 11 minutes or so...

Yes, many people think, they "know" what is going on. Why? Because they have picked up that something from somewhere, never ever really giving a thought about it... Don't be like that... I am only kindly asking you, I am not giving orders to anyone... :)