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originally posted: November 8, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: Minions, 2

OMG! I have written about minions, what I have read in newspaper but just now I have seen the trailer... OMG! With what are my friends feeding themselves and their children! Act of cannibalism showed in a funny way... The only goal of minions is to serve the most vicious master? Dragon, Pharaoh, Dracula? And Scarlet? Scarlet represents mystery Babylon the great for those who dont know. Humankind, who is trying to become God alike but it will be destroyed by friends of the Antichrist and then the Antichrist, who is represented as Gru, will take over the world. For now we are counting years approximately after the Jesus' birth, since his birth and life are the most important thing, which happened in the world, even more important than the creation itself but in the movie, more important is Gru... the evil Antichrist. Why do people pay for such movies? It is a story from the Bible reversed but... Ok, forget God... but why teaching your own children and their generation, that cannibalism is good and funny? That the goal of life is to serve the most evil person? C'mmon, wake up! That's evil!! Do you realize, that some people will be eaten alive and tortured by their own children or by their friends? why? because it is funny and because we taught them that! Why? Because people like you just dont want to see, dont want to raise voice, dont want to do the right thing... C'mmon... OMG... One just doesnt teach ome's own children cannibalism... dont, dont, dont!!! get out, take out your children with you... as long as you still can... at least dont support those evil things... OMG... i know, I know, I know... that was the next step... it was expected but nevertheless I am surprised... Oh my God! Does anyone thinks, feels or is everybody already zombie, living dead?

At least dislike this video, as I have... if you will not share it or like what I have written... OMG... we are raising for the first time in history monsters... how evil we are... it feels good and it brings money... well, the payday is coming closer... OMG