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originally posted: December 7, 2015 on my FB wall
FB: A sect, supported by Franciscans

This thing hurt me two years ago... a lot and now it is in newspapers. My pain - no problem - but when something bad happens to others... it is different!

When a free human being surrenders his own free will into a hands of others...

12. 4. 2013 have I written in my blog, how sad I am, that some people are in a free country forbidden to read my book. I gave almost hundreds books for free to my friends and acquaintances and some of them gave the book to others and so one of my books came into hands of a member of this group - I don't know the woman. And the woman asked her leader, she surrendered her free will to him, she asked him, if this book is ok for her to read. He took my book, didn't open it - and said - no, this is not a good book for you. Of course it is not! In my book I have revealed all major lies, which are accepted by pretty much everyone in this world!

They were connected with Catholics and now, Catholics are defending themselves... Well, in 2013 I have read, what they teach on their website and it was obvious to me, that the thing is false... it was not even in agreement with Catholic religion... (the official version - it is in agreement with the common version, the core of Roman religion)

Don't be fooled by the article. The whole world is a sect! We have gone away from the truth and love. Our educational system, founded by Jesuits, took everything away from us. So many false, false, false, lying, deceiving, evil people are trying to cheat so many people... They try to fulfil the emptiness with emptiness...

The war is going on... The war in the realm of ideas, spiritual war... those ideas influence every second of our lives!

It seems, that I am the only one, who sees so deep... who cares so much... I can show to 99.99% people, where they are completely wrong... But do they want to hear, with what are they hurting themselves and others? That's another question.

So my books are not good for Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Adventists, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Yogis, New agers..., conspiracy people,

my books are not good for people, who hate those people,
my books are not good for people, who love to live in illusion...
but my books are good for those, who are thirsty for the truth, who desire love, real peace...

I am telling the facts NO ONE can disprove by any reasonable argument! By any reasonable argument! From hundreds of people of different backgrounds not one had disproved, what I am telling. I am checking myself all the time and also because of that I know, I am right.

And I am gentle as much as I can be... but there is so much truth revealed in my books, that people... they are in shock. They have hard time to remain in a lie but a vast majority of them chooses so. I am sad for them... but it is their life and they have their own free will... Their life - their responsibility. My responsibility is to tell the truth as nice as I can.

And this was my post from 2013. I had pages on Blogger platform, but in the next days I will remove them.…/blogs/rks/index.html