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originally posted: February 14, 2016 on my FB page
FB: White Slaves

New song

In October my friends told me, that they saw prostitutes, while visiting Expo in Milano. Slaves... It hurt me a lot. Especially cruel hearts of people, who can enslave others and cruel hearts, which support that by visiting them and cruel hearts, which support them by doing nothing... No one cares for them... they don't exist.

At that time, I received inspiration for the first two stanzas and for the rest, it came to me this Friday.

I love all people in spite of that, that I see evil in them. I don't love evil but I love them. And they? People are not prepared to renounce "their" evil. They are prepared to pay huge bucks, just to hide it and to feel good. Well, I can show to everyone evil, that is in him/her... and which is destroying them and others...
and I haven't met a person, who would like that - at least not at first. And evil grows in them and spreads itself... and people, some are proud of being evil and others, they want to hide their evil... but who wants to get rid of such harmful "friend"? Very few people... very, very, very, very, very, very few...

I love everyone and I show that to people and I try them, how much truth are they prepared to accept. Out of love I am saying to them all - according to my 10 years of research you are in danger...