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originally posted: May 16, 2016 on my FB page
FB: Babylon and her children, 2

It is a new record :) Song, uploaded on May 7, and today is May 16, it has 3 views, 2 of them are mine :) I was checking the quality of the video and one view is from US. The person viewed 1 minute and something... the song's duration is around 14 minutes...

This reminds me of Beck's song Loser.
Beck was a successful man in this world with his music and dark spiritual messages, which people perceive as good, fact, truth. And Loser was one of his hits.

And me? Trying to reach people the last 6 years, that they would come to senses, that they would accept love, that they would know the truth... People are less and less interested.
Well, I think I hit the bottom :) Maybe I stay there...

In the eyes of this world I am truly a loser but I am satisfied, peaceful, in my heart is love, my mind knows the truth and I know what this life is all about.
Every liar is being accepted by my relatives, friends, acquaintances and I, who am trying to give them the most, the truth, the love... I, who love them... am just ignored... sometimes some even speak evil of me... or accuse me falsely...

it is not painful for me, I am fine to be nobody in this world. 30 years I desired to be someone in this world but I am fine to be nobody in this world now :) I am loved :) I do not need to be someone anymore :) And besides that, it is good to be nobody in the world of murderers, liars, careless people, who are in love with stupidity... and themselves. I was such a person too. No excuses.

The only pain I have, is, when I think what are they doing to others, how are they preventing themselves and others to come to the source of love, wisdom, truth, life by hiding the truth and spreading so many lying information... The more lying the thing is, the more it hurts them, the more they like it...
It is ok, if they ignore me, but the painful thing is, that they ignore the message... which would help them.

So, I could sing, similar as Beck has:
Soy un perdedor
I'm a loser baby so when will you kill me?

This "tolerant" world is killing all the time people, who cannot speak for themselves, defend themselves or those, who refuse to defend themselves by using lies or by violence. They are killed either in the wombs, or treated badly later in life... many are starved to death, because the "loving" world ignores them...

Well, there are two ways. People, who are ignoring the truth, say there is only one. I see two and thank God, that I see now, love now people and love and truth and life.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now I am found
was blind but now I see...

I resisted so much, so hard but at the end,
people would say, I was weak, and have acknowledged, embraced "religion".
And being weak in the eyes of the world,
I follow him, who overcame the world,
and I follow those, who followed him before me.
They were ignored, persecuted, mocked, tortured, killed but no one could implant a seed of evil in them. They loved even those, who did such things to them...

but they were losers in the eyes of the world. They were evil and when they were killed, people thought, that they did a good work.
Well, for me, it is good to be a loser :) it is good that, there are two ways...

hopefully at least someone, who I know, who I've met, will stop trying to resist the greatest power of them all... as I have too. It is not wise, to put oneself in front of the train, trying to stop it... but here we are speaking about the greatest power of them all and yet people do it, they try to oppose it. They really think, they are strong and that nothing bad will happen to them. Well, wake up, please... let the fear of God enter into your heart, and become "weak" and "stupid" and jump as soon as possible out of your way. Stop opposing the greatest force, repent, let your way, direction, life be changed.

All the best
loser Milan :)