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originally posted: May 19, 2016 on my FB page
FB: The Golden C-age

New song

The power of God is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today people adore their own power in alliance - sometimes openly, sometimes hidden - with the power of lower spirits, known as gods, fallen angels, devils.

I searched so long to find the answers to my doubts and then I searched for doubts of others...

How can I know for sure, that some guy Jesus lived 2000 years ago and what did he do... isn't that crazy? Well, not really :) I have found irrefutable arguments, proofs, which are so simple but people don't use them because if they would use them, the evil, which is in their religion, their version of Christianity (which is mostly not), in them, would be exposed and people, they just don't like that, the truth, to be cured once and for all.

The deeper I went, the more sense the world had, the Word - the Bible, everything... and the less sense all the other explanations, world views had.

It was painful... I guess Paul describes, what Christians go through: 2 Corinthians 7:10
For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.

So one can truly love God with all one's mind, but what about the heart?

I explained that in two lectures the right and ... spirituality for dummies and also in this song. Spartans and foreign legionnaires and prison are worldly examples, which can help us to accept the Gospel also with our heart.

This is pretty much everything, what I have, what was given to me by the Church, which is today almost gone... many are liars, who claim, they believe but they don't. Many are liars, whose hearts, minds, lives were never touched, changed by the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ...

I believe, that my mind and my heart and my life was changed and is changing, after he opened my eyes - not in a mystical experience, not in a vision, not by hearing some alien voices in head... but by the Bible and by liars and believers.

So, if I am a liar or a true believer, it doesn't matter. I hope that at least someone will be blessed by those things, by which I was blessed.
And if not - that is also fine with me.
I am grateful to him, that he gave me his grace, I can only cry out of happiness... Why me? There are so many people, who would deserve his grace more, than I would - if the grace could be deserved...
I was trying and am trying to give people everything I had and have but majority in this new age time just hates the Lord, who is blessed for ever.

I am surprised... people just don't want to know, without a shadow of the doubt, what will happen to them, after their body will stop working. I am surprised, that people, they don't desire to change their lives in a way, that they would not make lives of others more difficult... They just stop thinking, feeling... at some point... they value many thing more than life and especially human life...

Maybe one person out of hundred or even hundreds if not even thousand(s) wants to know...
Blessed be them...