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originally posted: June 2, 2016 on my FB wall
FB: Sisyphus

Be careful, which way you are going. Many are thinking, they are doing just fine. I am so surprised how deep in people's hearts is this religion of Satanism. A. S. La Vey said: (approx. quote) many people are already Satanists but they refuse to admit that even to themselves. They call themselves Christian, Hindus, Muslims...

Anton was La Vey, biblical Jesus is the way. Anton was a slave (his initials A S La Ve), a slave if sin, as we all were but Jesus came to save us from that slavery, that we could love even those, who hate us, hurt us... Anton taught selfishness. Jesus loved and loves. Anton warned nobody, Jesus warns us because he loves us but we have free choice...

and this was my comment of the post:

Faith in yourself will bring you on the top of the mountain. And since you are in the real of Greek culture (Media Odyssey) - let's ask Sisyphus. He is the proof (mythological, Greek wisdom) of your dreams but he suffers... Think about it. There is another way but people are hating it, no matter what label they have put on their foreheads (religious, areligious, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu...) I too didn't like it but now? I can only cry out of happiness for myself, because I resist no more, and I can cry now also for those, who are followers of Sisyphus.

All the best, Milan
ps and if anyone wants to know the way, which is today almost completely misrepresented, check my channel
Jesus said, that he is the way but today people follow Sisyphus, even though many say, they are Christian. Many follow Sisyphus, who is an image of Satan in your context. He was the first believer in a false god, in himself, who cannot help... when one needs help... what will happen to us, when our body will stop working? People just "believe" their dreams, their pastors, without really knowing, testing things and those things can be tested. Don't be fooled into thinking otherwise. If you cannot figure it out by yourself, maybe I can tell you.

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