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originally posted: May 16, 2016 on my FB wall
FB: Brutally honest Bernie?

From the article..
People are truth? We don't need a saviour...?
In Sanders’ view that political movement is where people should be placing their hearts and efforts.

On the opposite side of the same coin is a faith in a man, who wants to be god, saviour...

Well, I needed the Saviour, who is the truth and I've placed my heart and efforts in him. In my song Babylon and her children I am against such nonsense... What is wrong with Jesus? We are not saviours, not as individuals nor as a group. We are not the truth. God is.
But in godless world, his place is empty (it seems) and there false gods and false saviours come in...

When will such kind of blasphemies end? God is really long-suffering... He is suffering long... more than long time now... one day he will say enough... I warn and warn and warn but people just like to worship any kind of false gods, false truths - lies, false Jesuses... or they even want to be gods...
Well, I am not. Thank God :) I am a loser :)

The story about penny, the coin:
Mark 12:17 And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. And they marvelled at him.

And today, people want to be Caesar and Caesar wants to be God... Well, you will fail. Thank God :) I shared the same dream, but I was wrong...

"In the middle of his rally in North Dakota, Sanders asked what was the truth? A supporter shouted out, “You.” Sanders said, “No. That is exactly not the truth. The truth is you, not me. If there is any person here, any person here that thinks I’m coming to you as some kind of savior, that I’m going to do it all — all myself, you’re wrong. No president, not Bernie Sanders or anybody else, can do it alone. We don’t need a savior. We need a political movement.”

"In Sanders’ view that political movement is where people should be placing their hearts and efforts."