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originally posted: July 27, 2016 on my FB page
FB: True love, love of truth

If you love the truth, you immediately recognize a lie, being disguised as the truth. And this leads you toward the true love. It is so simple... :) so, so simple... :)

I do not hate those people but I do hate lies, they are propagating in the name of the truth and evil in the name of good... because those things hurt them and you... and are against my Lord.

I am exposing lies of two Roman Catholics. The same kind of lies I can see in Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Witches... you name it... Only in lives of some Amish, maybe Mennonites and some rare Baptists, I cannot show lie, because they walk in love and truth, their god is the real God.

The Franciscan Bogdan (literally: God given, God day) is smiling with a fake smile on the front page of a national newspaper. He says, that he wants justice, and through that justice he demands (I don't know from whom), that spirituality (religion) and political sphere of life should be separated. He is speaking nicely about the work and words of his superior holy father in eternal city pope Francis I. Secular newspaper has dedicated a whole page to his lies. You don't see a lie, not one? Well. Catholicism has a nature of a flying serpent - two wings, forked tongue, two or more party system, double speech... Some Catholics are for the power and those are considered bad guys and some, like Bogdan, are considered good guys. But Bogdan is a part of a system, which combined and combines spirituality (religion) and secular power, politics. His superior is the absolute ruler in Roman religion and in his own state, trying to control also politics of other countries. It is almost a joke, but people love it. If he really thinks like that, then his mind has some serious problems. He pledged his allegiance to such a system and he is against it? That is dumb. Or not honest, not just. But he is for justice? He says so. He is being supported by such a system, and he is against it? He pledged his allegiance to such a system and he is against it? How can anyone trust such a guy?
No one, who loves the truth or wisdom, cannot trust such a guy but he was presented by media and by people as trustworthy guy. Well, for me, such a person is dishonest, lying or exceedingly dumb... but this can be corrected... I was the same... the question is only - does he want to be corrected? Do you want to be corrected? And majority people refuse to renounce stupidity, lies, which hurt them and others... and that is fine, that is their free will, their life, their decision...

And another Catholic. It could be also Buddhist, Atheist, whatever. I am just showing you, what kind of lies people are buying... This guy is a priest. He has two jobs: he works for the state and for the Roman Catholic religion. Hmm... What would Bogdan say about that? And Bogdan also receives some money from the state... health insurance and pension funds - as far as I know. State should be separated from religion? Nice words, empty words, deceiving words.
Anyway, let me return to the other guy. When you don't know the love, you might find his words loving... But when you know the love, you find his words Satanic, pure evil in disguise. His evil lies were also on the front page of another national newspaper. And besides that, 2 whole pages were dedicated to his abominable lies. The title is: Everyone forgives because of himself, that he can live easier... This seems ok... People, who have evil hearts, as I had, this seems right for them. I was fine with that too, but now I know the real Jesus Christ, I can see the truth in the Bible... I don't believe the Bible is the word of God. I know, the Bible is the word of God. That is a huge difference. I can show that to everyone without a shadow of the doubt... So, let me reveal to you, what you could see, if you would really love the truth and love. Everyone forgives because of himself... Really? Selfish reason. Do you consider a selfish person loving person? Is love selfish? No. Being selfish is against love. And God is love. Is not this guy against the Lord? Pretending to be for the Lord, he is spitting on the Lord. How evil is that? Did Jesus forgive because of himself, was he selfish? Without Christ, it is practically impossible not to be selfish but when you hear and accept the Gospel, when love in you grows, you don't live or work for yourself, for selfish reasons but you live and work because you want to help others and sometimes this is difficult. People might even hurt you but you go on... For Christian it is difficult not to forgive. It is easier for him to forgive, life is easier for him, that is true but not because of selfishness but because of love. The main reason is love, mercy, grace, pity, he had accepted from Jesus Christ. One forgives because it was forgiven to him. One is merciful, because he had received mercy... His heart was changed. It is not selfish any more. There is no selfishness but life in love is easier for Christians.
But this guy propagates selfishness, evil, lie in the name of God, understanding, good, love... and he is being paid for that of course.

He is not the only one. People adore lies and evil...
Just think about that, how many religious leaders are considering Roman Catholics Christian, follower of Christ? Many. And even those, who are openly against Roman Catholicism, I can show for many of them, that they mutually support each other. Love your enemies... Catholic Italians have put in a concentration camp my grandfather, who was Catholic. He didn't fight. He was neutral. He survived but many from the village died... Love your enemies... killing them or hating them is not following Christ Jesus. Wake up!
And people from "my" village, wives, mothers, whose husbands, sons were killed by fascist system, even survivors from camps, were supporting religious-political system, Roman Catholicism, paying money for masses or messes, to pope, friend of Mussolini, who gave his friend his state back... Pope could say: this is wrong, killing Catholics is wrong... I don't need a state... but... he accepted gift from Mussolini, saying with this act: who cares for Catholics... even their father, pope, doesn't care... Well, God and Christians, they care...

And such people, as you may see from the last photo, they have enough money. They steal it - that is the reason, they refuse to change. They hurt others with their lies, they rob them and they mostly even refuse to think about it... They have enough money, enough food. So, they can throw food at each other on the street just for fun. That is a custom in Europe. Tomato fights, throwing pies - popular in American movies... Such are pretty much all people on this world. I was the same - but... out of undeserved grace, he called me out and I am calling others out of darkness... Who wants to come to the light? Who?! Come, it is for free, for free...

And me? I am telling people the truth and I have nothing. Each day I am thinking, what will I eat... I receive here a little bit, there a little bit. Money? I will soon not know, what that is... Even my relatives despise me... I am no one. And that is great. I am follower of Jesus Christ, who had mercy on me, sinner. He was no one... Helping everyone, he created us... he gave us life... everything... he is the truth, the life, he love everyone... and Romans together with Jews killed him - the other nations would kill him even sooner - so, no need to feel proud if you are Chinese, Indian... Billions of "Christians" are enjoying watching movies, where his name is being constantly cursed... He is hated so, so much... for no reason.

God is so, so, so great :) :) :) Praised be he for ever...
And if you want to know him, it is super easy...
for now... :) :) :)
But if you want to continue with cheating and being cheated,
he gave you this choice, free will.

I was not searching for selfish peace, but I have the real peace :)
I was not searching for selfish pleasures, but I enjoy life, even breathing :)
I was not searching health, but he takes care about it.
I was running away from the truth and love as you are... but... :) :) :)
And even though my health might become bad again, even though I could die out of hunger, in physical pain, ignored by people, refusing to cheat them... or being tortured or whatever... he gave me everything and I can only praise him... and do, what he desires: love others as myself. Why? Because it feels good? It feels good but that is the consequence and not the motivation. I can love because I am loved. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I am found, was blind but now I see. Love cannot be taught, deserved, bought, learned, sold... only accepted or rejected...

God bless you,