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originally posted: March 3, 2016 on my FB wall

Don't walk in this way anymore, please, change your way... for your own good if you don't care for the others...

Do you know, what does the smartest person (according to the article) of this world do?
He thinks 24/7 how to destroy people.
AI defeated human in Seul. AI killing humans...
He says that his AI is program Apollo for the 21. century.
Apollo means destroyer... Apollo is Sun god, worshipped in practically every culture except one.
Take a look at my movie Symbols and Prophecies.

And he is not alone. There are many smart people.
And do you know, what loving people are doing?
My friends, my relatives, almost the whole world? Even you?

They are supporting smart guys. How? In many different ways. They are paying and supporting, building the culture, which hates and is destroying people and life. This brings money and people love money and lying things which money can buy. And it is fun, fun, fun :) and people just love fun, gun, fun :)

And me?
I am stupid, useless, boring, evil in the eyes of many. Why?
Because I hate lie, I hate evil but I love truth, love, life
and I think 24/7 how to help someone. Useless, people say. Stupid.
Especially if you really mean it. If you lie about that and you are not serious, that's smart in their eyes but if you are serious...

I hate science and that intelligence, which is destroying the world.
I hate when people and lying spirits call themselves gods.
I hate poisonous clothes, poisonous furniture, houses, poisonous food, stupidity, ships, cars, factories, GMOs, poisons... unloving hearts, minds, which think evil... but they cannot feel, cry for others, they don't know how to do good.
I hate when strong is abusing the weak. I hate that, oh, how much my soul hates that!
I hate when people hate people.
I hate selfishness...

I guess I will not see the day, when the work of "smart" and "loving" people will destroy practically the whole world. But I am almost sure, that I will see the day, when all the work of "smart" and "loving" people and lying spirits and all liars and haters of truth and love will be destroyed. In my spirit I already see that day here and now.

I cant wait to see that day, when the destroyer will be destroyed not by human power or intellect but by much mightier power and much greater intelligence than his intelligence combined with the the whole world is. In such intelligence and power do I trust and I know he is real with all my understanding.

And by the way... it is not difficult to create AI, which is smarter than humans.
All people I know want to be healthy and live long life but they are with every breath of theirs with every beat of their heart, with every thought of theirs thinking how to destroy it... That is stupid. And they even ask me... you don't work for money? How will you survive? Ask yourself this question, please, how will your children survive... but they don't want to understand me.

And how do I know, that AI is becoming smarter? More and more robots are visiting my site and reading, what I write and people? They don't...

But who am I to say anything? Stupid.

I love you all, you still have time... you still have choice but your time is running out...
and know this: if you love destruction, destruction is what you will get.
That is love too. Love asks you one, two, three, million times, what you want and vast majority wants destruction. So be it, the love says in the end. And of course, it is fault of love... whatever love does is wrong in the eyes of unloving people. If love would not give them destruction, but it would force them into something, they would protest too... haters of love.

Think about that.
Your friend, who was some time ago "smart" and "loving" too, I was normal...
but now I am not anymore, thank God.
I am pretty much useless for liars and haters of life, truth, love. Thank God :)
I am evil in their eyes. Thank God :)
I was in such a darkness but he took me out, thank God :)
and the world wants to replace me in that darkness - there is really no need to do that, do you know? :)
I hope I will stay chaste to truth and love till my last breath, so help me he, in whom I trust.
And I wish that to everyone but... I cannot force anyone. Thank love, my master, my saviour, my God.
And even if I would go once again against the ultimate power, I hope there will be some, maybe even you, who will not go and who will be blessed by him.

But who understands me? If I would teach people how to cheat someone, showing them magic tricks, poisonous things, people would love that and understand immediately... but I hope, I hope.

It is not easy to speak about the truth and love... there were so many liars and deceivers already on this world... people don't need one additional one... I am careful... but I cannot be quiet, when such evil as it is in people, is presenting itself as something good... I cannot... My heart does not allow me, my heart, which was dead, not so long time ago, but now it feels (again), thank God.