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originally posted: March 10, 2016 on my FB wall
FB: Cancer cells 1

When someone thinks only, how to destroy others,
and people accept that as something good,
I cannot hold my peace, sorry...
I will be quiet one day - but you may unfollow me, if you want.

In case you cannot read the text:

Hi! I was a normal cancer cell in a brain tumor.
All cells I knew, said I was smart.
We had relatives in heart tumor and in ass, the last were pain in the ass.

We lived great. We didn't work much, just party, party, party, yeah :)

But then I saw, with what we are feeding ourselves...
We are lazy, lying, cruel, evil monsters...

feeding ourselves with the energy of the other cells,
we were destroying environment and good cells, robbing them of their health, life.
We were stealing the future from the future generations... for our own pleasure.

And of course, all "loving", religious, philanthropic cancer cells said,
that I am not normal, that I am stupid, that I don't understand the life. How will we survive, they asked me. Well, you are brain cells, think of something :)

I understand life but I refuse to serve evil anymore...
life in peace is possible, dear cancer cells, ask sponge cells
or just look around, at brain and heart cells, you are feeding with...

inspired by
I Corinthians 12, 13
Ephesians 4:15-18