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originally posted: August 5, 2016 on my FB page
FB: No Emails

From time to time I do it :)
I erase all SMS, all emails. This week I have transferred pretty much all my posts from FB to my web-page too :) From time to time I erase also all bookmarks etc...

I erase those things and I am going forward but I surely do not erase people nor memories on them. They stay in me :) :) That's my sweet backpack :) And sometimes not so sweet - because many people want to hurt others and they just do not want to stop with it and many people want to hurt even themselves... that's more a bitter backpack... but I have hope, I have hope...

"You have no emails, please enjoy your day!" Ipad Gmail application is asking me. I surely will, I surely will :)

I also erase those things to protect the privacy of people because if someone would break into my account - he could use some info about someone against that person, my friend. The big fish of course could still know pretty much everything about them...

Once again: I do not need high-tech for preserving my memories.
I have my heart and brain.
Napoleon, who was sending people into death, remembered many things about them and I would need some stupid hard-drive or hard-heart as Napoleon had for that? I have soft-drive, soft-heart.
I remember, I remember :)

Whatever I have and is worth anything is in my mind, heart, in me. What else? I need the book with the message, which is pretty much in me but still... (Yes, it is the Bible, the words of life and love:) And I need some clothes - not many, just to protect me from cold. Everything else is there just for a comfort. How much comfort do I plan to have? Whatever goes into one or two backpacks. I am almost there...

Our time is very limited.
Rather than being focused on many things, ideas that do not matter,
I prefer to be focused on things and people and ideas, which do matter. And... all people matter... All!
Every human BEING, living on this Earth,
travelling from a time of one's conception till one's death, travelling through time...
staying in bed, walking on bare foot, driving bicycle, car, travelling by train, by ship or flying in BoEING,
living in Lost Angeles, Paris, Nairobi, Mecca, even Vatican, in a village, a cottage, or in a BEijING...
every living human BEING matters :) :)

God is spirit. He is the existing one.
The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (not the Charismatic one, at least not the mainstream one). God is truth, life, love.
Human, BE IN God. Please.

Inquire about him and you will know him and you will be able to be in him - otherwise, you will stay, being stuck with someone's lies.
It is your life. You are choosing yourself the way, the final DESTINatIon, your DESTINY.

Human, BE IN God. Please... and you will realize, that
God, Son of God was human BEING. That we could be in him.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God, which can reveal to us the real love, change our nature... :)