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originally posted: August 15, 2016 on my FB page
FB: New "Mary" - new evangelization (new gospel), new god

My comment, when sharing post on my FB timeline:
Yes, if people would stop doing things, which go against truth and love, when they realize that... what kind of a world would this be? But man, I don't understand this... when you know, something is a lie and you are testifying, that it is the truth... Does your conscience don't bother you? At least a little bit? How can you support evil, lie? I am surprised every day, how much people adore lie... and even the most stupid and obvious lies... and they want to go with their lies into paradise...
surprise, surprise...
Turn away from things, you know, are an obvious lie, evil...
Is that so difficult?

What kind of a world would this be, if people would reject lie, when they see it? If you ask me - a good world, loving one... But now? People hold on even to the most stupid, crazy lies... You and everyone of us are invited to renounce lies in our lives... Will you do it? Billions of people are holding tight, not willing to change...

The last paragraph from the local Roman Catholic note (regarding the Assumption of virgin "Mary") says: Let Her, who became under the cross our mother, for us pleads, asks mercy, that we will one day with her participate in her, that is heavenly glory.

God of the Bible is the most merciful God. He sacrificed his own Son for us. If you understand that mercy, you receive it and you are merciful, not willing to kill anyone, but bless even those, who hate you. You receive love. Your life is changed and you will be a partaker of his, heavenly glory.

God of Catholics is not merciful. You have to ask Mary, so that she asks cruel god for mercy. Christ on the cross? Who cares! So, have you noticed? They don't have any mercy... They are merciless. They, as other so called Christians, support wars... better kill than to be killed was and is their logic. Well, Jesus, Stephen, Paul, James, Peter? They didn't defend themselves. They were killed rather than kill... If you consider yourself a follower of Christ, a Christian, think about that! They don't know what love is. Their life is never changed and they will be partaker of glory of a spirit, who wants to be above God and that spirit is Satan and his glory is... not heavenly but devilish... It doesn't matter how you call that spirit - God, Jesus Christ, virgin Mary... the name is not important, the identity of the spirit is, what matters.

I was a Catholic... and man, I was lost and blind and evil... But this can be cured - not with mercy of "Mary" but with the mercy of God.

additional comment:
The end of the first paragraph: ... ki so njej v čast napisali dela, ki nas dvigajo v nebeško slavo... who (Palestrin, Bach, Charpentier and others great masters) have in her honour written works, which elevates us into heavenly glory...
You know what? Work of Bach, written in glory of a spirit, who is not even Mary, but Satan, is not elevating anyone into heavenly glory. That's Satanic, Babylonian, demonic, devilish thought, which goes against love. Love is the power, which elevates everyone into heavens. And this love can be in full accepted only, when we realize, that God is real and what he did for us, how much mercy he is offering to us, actually pity, pity, pity...