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originally posted: August 19, 2016 on my FB page
FB: Dare to Change

Do you recognize yourself in that person? I sure do recognize myself... Life was tough... People are wolves, you are on your own, alone... You are steping back and back and back... Solution? Become more self-confident, dare to change... Fear not... Have you noticed the last scene? Wolf in reality doesn't dissapear, it is implanted into that woman... Wolf lives in her... Solution? Become a greater beast...
And that's what I was too... Wolf in a sheep clothing... Intimidated wolf... hating to be treated as a sheep! Dreaming to become a great wolf!

But dare to change! There exists another solution, the real solution, which is not popular! If intimidated wolf is changed into a self-confident wolf - is there really any change? But if wolf is changed into sheep? That's what I call a change. And we cannot change ourselves... Love can change us... There are many counterfeits of love... search and you shall find... Let me give you a hint: something like that it is written in the Bible... It is not difficult to find... Even I have found it... Love destroys frustrations of mistreated wolves, their wounds, anger, nature...

If you defeat beasts by becoming greater beasts, in what kind of a world will future generations live? Search for the cure, love... The real love is the answer!

Become a person, don't stay intimidated or intimidating wolf. That's my wish, wish of a former wolf...

Dare to become a sheep in the midst of a society of "daring", selfish, self-focused wolves and wolves in a sheep clothing... ;)

a link to the FB video