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originally posted: August 23, 2016 on my FB page
FB: Spirit of Olympics

Is Spirit of Sport of Greeks really Holy Ghost, love?
Sportsmen are dreaming how to defeat all the others...
Christian is thinking 24/7 how to bless all the others...
is that really the same?

Luke 16:15
And he said unto them,
Ye are they which justify yourselves before men;
but God knoweth your hearts:
for that which is highly esteemed among men
is abomination in the sight of God.

explanation of the news-article in Slovenian: Fabjan (judo coach of two Slovenian Olympic medalists), is doing pilgrimage on foot (4 days? 106 km), to the Roman temple, shrine, dedicated to spirit, who calls itself "Mary" and who wants to be above God... While walking he "pošteno zaklel" - he cursed hard! (source Dnevnik, front page, page 13, 23.8.2016) That's the spirit! But not of God...

Well, that's my opinion but I am nobody in the world of "godly", religious people... and my opinion doesn't count... It is unloving, you shouldn't judge others, they judge me :) They may smash someone in his face or enjoying watching such things, they may judge falsely... and this is loving and not judgmental in their eyes and me? Uuuu :) I am terrible and evil...
But I love, I love and I warn...