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originally posted: September 1, 2016 on my FB page
FB: Being fat, being slim

Please know, that I am not criticizing or criticizing only, I am just showing to everyone, who is interested, what is wrong in this world and what is wrong with majority of solutions and at the same time I am trying to show to everyone, who is interested, the other side :)

Couple of years ago I got diastasis recti. It was a strange feeling – my organs went out of my belly. I thought – is it hernia? I have tried to strengthen my core / abdominal muscles and I was really careful. If I do it too much – I will worsen the situation and if I don’t do it enough – what’s the use? And after maybe 6 months of progressive training, I have found that this is diastasis recti and I that the only possible correction is a surgery but then I have found some exercises, which can let’s say cure this DR. My bulge is much smaller now and the gap is something less than two fingers (normally is one finger).
My body was weak and while doing some activity I got this DR and because I would like to help people with my body, physical work, I had to start with exercises, that I would be able to work. And maybe a year ago I came along with Freeletics Transformation videos. Especially two of them were the motivation for me. The first was from Heiko Straßburger and the second one was a transformation of Seana Forbes. Today, video from Heiko Straßburger is not available on YouTube any more, only video of Seana Forbes.

Heiko’s story goes like this (as far as I remember). He severely injured his ankle and soon after that he lost his job. It is so sad – such is our society, our company, we support each other like that – well, there is no support, no society, we are all alone... And then he started to gain some weight. He became quite fat... A young person, maybe in a rented apartment... What is our message to such people? Well, we don’t care. Die! And watching him exercising, to see how he suffered with every sort of push-up... he was pretty much... well, the worst case? But he insisted and practiced, and practiced and he became better and better... and to see the transformation of his body in 15 weeks and in one year – it was like – wow :)

And the other story is of Seana. She was a young girl, left on her own, drinking, whoring, as our youth does... We live in a consumer society: take it, use it and reject it, throw it away and we don’t feel good about that... this is destroying us but we love money so nobody actually cares... nobody cares so much, that he would really do something about the original cause! She suffered also so much... I am so sad... when thinking, how rare are such people, who can do that, what she did. Majority is just – destroyed, without motivation, apathy is their friend... And her posture, when she started exercising, reminds me on my own posture... Our style of living is causing that. It is not normal. I have seen jungle people – well, only in documentaries but still, their bodies were in great shape but ours? A disaster. One has to struggle a lot, just to become normal in one field of life and yet her path can be dangerous. Many people, while pushing themselves too hard, can get rhabdomyolysis, which basically means, you have killed, destroyed for good your muscles – and also your kidneys... one could even die because of that. Me too, I was pushing myself too much. I was careful and yet – there was a thing, I didn’t know. There are so many things, which can hurt us... on the way of such transformation. Freeletics – they have some electronic coach, which first tests you and then it gives you suitable exercises. A story from one forum. One person was pushing himself too much during initial test and because of that, he seemed to be in a greater shape than he was in reality. And electronic coach gave him tougher exercises and he was pushing himself and pretty soon he got rhabdomyolysis and had to go to hospital... He had luck... Your body can be destroyed for good and / or you might even die.
Just warning you... take your time. Instead in 15 weeks, try to do it in a year :)

So motivation: selfish motivation. That is also a sad story. Motivation might be selfish. It might be proudness, wish to beat the others... And very rarely is motivation love. I was thinking – I have to come into shape to help others. If I would be married, I would think: I don’t want to cause problems to my wife – I want to be in a reasonably good shape. But many people, once they have a “partner”, they don’t care... because they don’t love him or her.

What hurt me, when I was watching this video over and over again, is her pain, suffering and when she progressed, her angriness, I could see it in her eyes, on her face while doing sit-ups. Frustration, angriness...

Many people fail... many... many people injure themselves... because they have not enough knowledge. I have learned so much in the field of exercises. And I was so sad... when thinking, what we learn at school, during sport lessons. Nothing. I could explain people everything I know about exercising in a half an hour. And many people would be spared with injuries, even serious ones. Fitness centers would lose a lot of money... And what did I learn at school? Nothing, nothing, nothing. But if you know nothing, if your body was destroyed, you are sitting duck – you behave auto-aggressively: doing drugs, drinking, smoking, having sex with many “partners”... whatever...

Our society is destroying us, and then it gives us some cures, which are dangerous... Very few people “succeed”. But I see another life. I have tasted it. I see it!

People are to be loved – but not loved, with the definition of the world, which speaks about love, but doesn’t know it – loved, valued and that can change us, if we choose so.

Seana, her body was nice even when she was overweight. She didn’t feel good, it was not healthy for her... yes, that could be true... How did she feel in her life? All alone? Rejected? She has found a “cure”... for how long? How long will it last?

And now, more and more people are trying to transform their bodies... Zero fat... (well, a very small percentage, 7, 8, 9 %). Fat is actually a good thing... when there is a famine... All those people with muscles, which demand a lot of food, all those people with a small percentage of fat... - with no reserves of food... what will they do in the case of famine? They are strong... and selfish... I don’t want to hear the answer...

But there is another way – transformation of spirit. Well, not transformation, not evolution... not meditation, yoga, rituals... No. Rejection of our old spirit and acceptance of another one and I am not speaking about calling gods, spirits or devils into our bodies, to posses them. I am not speaking about hypnosis. I am not speaking about losing control over our own bodies, I am speaking about freedom. I am speaking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which can implant love in us and set us free from stupidity, lies, empty lives and empty minds, broken, cruel hearts... and which can give us eternal life in love and in truth, together with our “support” group :)

That is the real transformation :)

What is the use of strong arms, if they don’t do any work for anyone? They are nice to see, they consume a lot of energy and that is all...
What is the use of strong heart, if heart doesn’t beat for anyone but itself?
Without love, there is no sense... and you are just a piece of meat – ugly or nicely in the eyes of people. They might hate you, envy you or – if they associate with you, like fans and their false gods, idols, sportsmen – it might seem, that there is love between them and you...
But I am speaking about the real love, which can love even those, who not only desire, that you fail in everything but might even do something about it... That is the power. That is the heart...

God bless,

ps my body started changing to... in the last year, year and a half. I have more muscles at 37 then when I was a young man, full of testosterone... If everything will be fine, I will have a body, I desired as a young boy - without any supplements, drugs... I am satisfied but for me, such thing is not a big deal any more. I don't care about the body so much. It is good to have a strong body but... as it is said in the Bible: 1 Timothy 4:8 "For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come."

I am God confident and not much self-confident. When I was without God, transformation of my body would boost my self-confidence...
I esteem God and I don't need to esteem myself. Before? Transformation of my body would boost my self-esteem.
So, when with the Lord, bodily exercise profiteth little, praised be the Lord :)