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originally posted: September 1, 2016 on my FB page
FB: Body - idol of lust

People are lovers of their own body... They work so much for their bodies, just to look great. Taking care about the outside, physical attraction, lust, sex but not the inner things – heart, spirit, love. Taking care for themselves and not for others.

The girl watching herself in the mirrors – I was the same :)

I was watching this video maybe 30 times?

Some people find faults in everything. I find faults in myself – thanks to the Bible :) and I find in others only faults, I am familiar with – so I find “my” faults in others... - maybe half of my faults and if I would tell that to people, they would be... aaaa! You see only my faults... Well, not exactly :)
but anyway. This video is not the original. Original is called Anllela Sagra – Workout motivation. Some people might say: oh, Anllela has too strong legs... It just comes to my mind... when some people were saying that about one girl, who had similar legs.

So, I was watching this video maybe 30 times... Music is lustful, Anllela’s eyes are lustful... and yet, I could not feel any lust... :) :) :) And I tried, and tried and tried... Nothing... Years ago, I would go crazy when watching such video. One might say, well you are older now... Well, many men are older... You might say: well, you have been with real women... of course you don’t feel anything when watching videos. Well, I touched a woman as a man touches woman 12 years ago – that’s – I think a world record... :) :)

And yet there is still some lust in me. It was taken away from me, many times. First time, when I was 25. It was for the first time, I didn’t need to turn around after any woman, I saw on the street. Then I have realized, what kind of a slave of a lust I was and what kind of a burden was that for me and actually for everyone.

Why I am saying those things? Who cares? Well, when I came to Christ, I was wondering, if homosexuality can be “cured”. I was called a fag in the primary school, even though I was obsessed with girls. And some people, who call themselves Christians, hate homosexuals. But they refuse to read in the Bible, that someone, who desires in his heart a married woman, is pretty much on the same level... So, can lust be taken away? Many people say – no. But the truth is – that it can be taken away. Lust is more or less selfish and love is against selfishness... I remember I have seen a video of one homosexual on Youtube saying, that he is fine... That’s the power :)

I was living without any sexual relationship with a woman for the last 12 years. So it can be done... Lust can be under control, especially when you start to value life, love, human beings, God... your desires, values change, your attitude toward sexuality changes... Love changes everything. So, I can imagine, that the same thing holds also for homosexuals or other whatever-sexuals – it can destroy lust in us, especially the lust, which is not in agreement with the Lord.

And I am not speaking about suppressing lust in artificial way. I was doing that while in the occult. And during nights, I had wet dreams. But when coming to Christ, those things are not suppressed any more. They can be taken away or if you want, you can hold on to some level of lust... I did allow myself to still have some lust and maybe I find myself a partner – wife. If not – well, lust in me will have to die...

We will see :) But one can live a life without smoking cigarettes, without drinking alcohol, without cursing, and without whoring and yet live a nice, complete life.
I remember namely an old joke, which goes something like this: 80 years old man comes to doctor and asks him: how long will I live? And doc asks him: Do you smoke? No, I have never smoked. Do you drink alcohol? No, I have never drunk. What about sex? No, nada, nothing. Well, why then do you want to live? And people laugh... because such is their life... their meaning of life...
But love – and not sexuality – can fulfill us... and the origin of love, pure love, one can found – not in people, not in oneself, not in spiritual exercises, not in meditation, not in spiritual ecstasies, but in love, which was given to us by the Creator and which was revealed to the fullest in the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, which was with God and who was God. It is crazy? Well, it was crazy for me too but when you start with researching, you see, that it is so.

Praised be the Lord :)