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originally posted: October 2, 2016 on my FB wall
Wild Woman Sisterhood's photo: no regrets

Just my comment... in case someone missed it and would like to read it..

If I would be a woman, why would I want to show my body in such lust raising way to everyone?

Because of power. Power is addictive... That would be one reason. To tease men and to make fun of them, using them, play with them... So, would I love them? No. I would treat them in a way, I myself don't want to be treated. That's not love and if we don't live in love, our life was in vain... that is something to regret...

And a other reason would be to have sex with them (too). In that time (I guess picture is from 1920-30 or it at least makes such an impression), there was a nasty disease, syphilis... Pictures of it you hardly find even on Google. It is a taboo in our fornicating society. I have seen hundreds of pictures of destroyed bodies of syphilis... I would think twice before having more than one partner. Par = two. So, if such "ladies" get to an old age with syphilis or one or two "abortions" and regret nothing... that's a cruel heart...

There is a way, which can make us right, as long as we live... I was no better... I know ways of evil, in time past I thought that they are paths of love but are ways of curse and death...

God bless you all, even more than he has blessed me.
Sincerely, Milan, who admitted his sins against life, truth, love, humans, nature, God, was forgiven, changed his ways and now doesn't have any regrets — before we were in trouble, now we live in love, true love