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originally posted: October 5, 2016 on my FB wall
Poland: Women Oppose Total Abortion Ban

My comment:

Cruel hearts... I was the same... but when you love, love life, value life more than money, party, health, you don't want to kill anyone... but men and women of this world are evil, haters of life...

There is a way, which leads toward love... I can love those, who hurt me... and sometimes I envy a little bit women... in them new life begins, their body feeds it... their breasts give strength to new being... how great!

But desiring sexual pleasures, valuing them above all... (men and women) - babies are hated, hated, hated... people desire a lot of sex and no kids... abortion, killing... murder...

Praised be the Word of God, the Bible, which changed my heart, which showed me, what kind of monster I was... and now I am cured (the major wounds, the healing of small is in progress), and if I was cured, everybody can be... if he or she desires to know the truth, to love... even those women's hearts can be changed and hearts of rapists... everyone's heart... there is hope, there is hope, there is hope... but we, our philosophy, our religion (Catholicism, which burned the Bibles... the Word of God, which is Christ... and other deceivers...) - we cannot change any heart to the better, we can only make the more evil, dead, careless - and we say, they are "peaceful" - well, maybe piss-fool There is hope... but not in pope and human made religions... search, what is in the Bible and you will know...
I love you all, popes, men, women, atheists. false Christians, Hindus, Muslims... how could anyone hate you? It is you, who are in danger... living empty lives without love. I am telling you where to get it. Just take it - it is easy... and use your mind too - this is not a blind religion as atheism, Catholicism, nationalism etc.. are.
It is based on mind and heart   Wish you all the best.
God bless, Milan

link to the AJ+ video: Poland: Women Oppose Total Abortion Ban.

The title is as usually in media misguiding. Total Abortion Ban is not Total Abortion Ban. If the life of a mother would be in danger, abortion would be still performed.