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originally posted: October 13, 2016 on my FB wall
Human to human the best medicine, catholic nun says

Human is to human the best medicine - Catholic nun says ...

Well, for me, as a Christian, the Gospel and the Word of God is the best medicine and a way, a way less powerful medicine is human. But since I can see if people really care, or if they only pretend or whatever - the average "medicine" of an average human - I find it pathetic.

I wonder till when will Roman Catholics and others insist, that they are this or that religion, let's say Christian for example. They were killing Bible believers, they took Bibles away from people, they burnt Bibles, now, for the last 120 years, they are changing them and are filling them with every kind of lies and nonsense. And publicly, they are saying, that in the Bible, there are mistakes, errors ... that this and that didn't happen (as for example Adam and Eve, Jeriho etc... ) and as this nun, they are proclaiming to everyone, that the Gospel, the power of God, is powerless (which is not true, of course!), and they are propagating humanism, Satanism. Will they ever acknowledge, that they are Satanists, who live in a lie? Claiming to be Christians and supporting, believing in the foundational teachings of Witchcraft and Satanism?

And they always eat very well ...

link to the Dnevnik's article in Slovenian