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originally posted: June 20, 2017 on my FB wall
Tell it with a song, 1/6

Life: drugs, music, sex? That's all?

“What kind of a world would this be without music and women?” I asked myself several times, when I was around 5 years old. The third thing I liked very much at that time was drinking red wine together with orange juice: how tasty it was! I drank it a couple of times as a child – maybe a half a litre altogether.

There is a joke: 90 years old man comes to a doctor, asking him, how long will he live and the doctor asks him: “Are you enjoying yourself sexually?” The old man replies: “No. I had a wife, we were intimate couple of times and that’s all”. “Do you drink alcohol?” “Never have.” “What about cigarettes?” “I haven’t smoke a cigarette in my life.” “Well, why then do you want to live?”

That’s the meaning of life for a vast majority and that was the meaning of life for me too, when I was a boy but there is much more to life :) and this is what I want to share with you.