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originally posted: June 20, 2017 on my FB wall
Tell it with a song, 2/6

A little peace for the whole world

One of the first songs, I was singing, and one of my favourites, was Ein bisschen Frieden in Slovenian of course, not in German. I find the English version not so good as the original and Slovenian one. It has greatly influenced my life :) I have carried that desire more or less all my life with me...

People join some organizations and they defend them with all their might, eventhoughj they know, that their organization is deceiving them and others. In true love, there is no lie! Whenever I have found a dark, fundamental lie in any organization, I went out – maybe not at once but after some time – definitely.

The way of peace is so simple and yet, I was running away from it 30 long years... The thing is, that in us, there are dark, evil things and people – I was included – are defending that evil. And when people come together, everyone brings together with him a little bit of evil and voilà – the big evil can be seen...

People are prepared to do whatever they can, just to cover up the evil, which is in them and therefore, we are supporting everyone, who is prepared to lie to us, hiding and justifying the evil in us. We feel good, but the evil grows and multiplies... and when it starts to destroy lives, everyone is surprised: where did this come from?

Everyone of us was attacking the true way of peace and very few are prepared to change their side in this world war, where all humankind together is one, fighting against the truth, love, the real peace.

They sing about it, about peace, about love, about life but they don’t really mean, what they sing, as long as they are mean and mean they are as long as they refuse to know the truth, which could make them free.

It is painful to be corrected by the truth but even more painful it will be, to be destroyed by an ugly, sweet lie. I made my mind and changed my ways. What about you? You still have time!