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originally posted: June 21, 2017 on my FB wall
Tell it with a song, 3/6

Being quiet

I liked the song in this video. And of course I don't agree with with everything, what is said in that video. I am not a genius, my IQ was around 120-130, it had to be, because I got a scholarship for gifted students. I measured it too and my measurement showed IQ of 130. In theory that means, that I can see, understand more than 95, 97 % of people can, or I understand things faster than a vast majority does. That’s in theory but in practice that means, that pretty much everyone regards me as a stupid, almost everyone tries to teach me things, which I know and they don’t know. Why? Well, because I love people – that is another reason, why people judge me like that – as a stupid.

I had strong desire to help people, to do something really good and I could not and I wanted not to lie to myself, even though I tried... What does it mean: to be intelligent and to love people? In theory, that means, one is successful, people appreciate his work. And in practice? :) :) haha :) 7 years I am thinking almost 24/7 how to help people, how to show them the way of peace, how to live healthy... How they rewarded me? I am almost 38 y/o. For the last 7, 8 years I live at my parents house. My money, which I have put aside, is almost gone by now. I have received nothing from the state. In fact, the state owes me 2 € the last 8 years.

I am a forth grade citizen. A person, who kills his parents, he is rewarded in “my” country. He gets a roof above his head, food, clothes, I believe, that sex room too (one time per week), medical treatment... But if one stands for that, which is right, loving, true at work, one is in danger to lose the job, to live on the street, to be hungry...

For me, all people are equal but in “my” country, people make a distinction. There is one minority, which is above the law. They can marry 12 years old girls, they don’t need to pay bills, they receive a huge money support from the government, they don’t need even to pay for car insurance or to have a driver license and if they bump into your car – and police comes – their advice to you is: be quiet, admit, that it is 50 % your fault, even though it was 100 % their fault, etc.

Every country, people, who do such things, who are rewarding evil and punishing good things and whose equality is inequality between this and that nationality – such country, such nation has no future, at least no bright future.

And it is not only about Slovenia. In many countries of this world people would kill me already a long time ago. What is my crime? That I desire to every human being all the best. I desire no one to be mocked, to be lied to, to be cheated, manipulated, to be killed... That’s my “crime”.

Oh, my God, what have I seen in this world! And all those good things are being covered up by the masses... Even people, who are “revealing” conspiracies are quiet about the real stuff... Wow, how deep goes this rabbit hole... Out of evil people emerge evil rulers and evil rulers make people even more evil and even more evil rulers emerge... this is a vicious circle but it is good for money and people love it...

Well, I love people and in me, there was and is greater and greater desire: that people would live in love and in peace and well, I am in the minority.... which was always persecuted by the world.

It is almost unbelievable... I listened to everyone, what he had to say anything about life, love, peace. I went deep, deep... using all my mind and heart and yet, a common man, who did not think in his life about those things more than 5 minutes and who still hates at least some people, such men, women are trying to correct me, as if I think wrong, I don’t understand, I don’t love right... Of course, if they are right, I have to be wrong but I am not wrong. Whatever they believe, I believed too until I found a fault in that. Crazy. They want to correct me – but those, who are deceivers, haters of humankind – for such they say: “They are normal... we cannot correct them... But surely we can correct you...” Well, do you mean to corrupt me? :) No, you can’t :)

So, mostly I am quiet, so that many don’t even know, what was given to me, nor do they want to know. They pick and choose, what they want to hear and I? I followed the truth, especially for the last seven, eight years and I was blessed. The only bad thing is, that I feel sorry for the masses, because I know their end – but that is how love feels. They don’t want to hear, they are wrong, so I am quiet... I cannot and will not force them – since I love them and love forces no one into anything but they, they try aggressively to force everyone to agree with their lies, deceits, stupidity, evil...