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originally posted: June 21, 2017 on my FB wall
Tell it with a song, 4/6


When I watch this video, I am so happy :) that the way of life, which is presented in it, is not what I desire anymore. The thing is: if you hate people, their lives, you love all things, which are destroying people and if you love people, their lives, you hate everything, that is destroying them.

I will not speak directly about God, since almost everyone hates him but from him, one gets love of truth, love of life, love of love, love of humans and because of him, his people were able and are able to love even those, who tortured them, killed them.

Without love, our life is empty. Yes, we can be number one in many areas of human life but in reality we are zeros. If you desire money, you will have to cheat others and even yourself, even dumb yourself, lying to yourself, convincing yourself, that what you are doing is alright. If you desire sex – the same is true. If you desire more, than it is your share in this world, if you desire to be worshiped, be famous, whatever, you will have to take that from people, you will have to take from people, what they are not willing to give. So, how to do it? By a deceit.

People are just objects for you: when looking at people, you see money, sexual objects, sex, fame, opportunity, a number, whatever... You value those things much more than you value them! And since things or material pleasures cannot return you love, you feel empty. You do it once, you feel filled but soon you realize, that after some time, you are emptier than at the beginning. You were cheated! The more you do it, the emptier you become.

Looking at this video, I remember that such a life was my dream too but... destroying a map for one use only, jumping out of airplane just for fun... having so many shinny clothes, a car, “nice” apartment, makeup... all those things are toxic to a human life. I cannot desire them anymore nor I cannot love them. I love human life.

For instance – the hand of the guy – I find it beautiful in this video and even a girl, when I see through her makeup... I find her beautiful. I find beautiful human life, every human life. If people would want to find God, they would admire God’s work and not works of men. And one single human cell is more excellent than the most sophisticated wizardry of robotics man had ever made.

It’s funny. People, who hate people and love things, they speak so much about those things, they hang out together but they are lonely but I? I am alone but not lonely. In my mind, in my spirit I see many people, I have met in my life... And this song goes like this (if I skip the woman-man attraction part): “This is not enough. I desire even more. To be with you, that is what I like.”

I don’t hang out a lot with people. I love them. They are in my mind but to speak with them about or praising harmful things, they are doing – I cannot do that, no. People, who had dementia, they could accept my love but “normal” people, hardly accept my love and if they accept it, they have hard times to accept the origin of the universal love... It is difficult to implant in them that passion, that desire, born out of love, to live for others, to renounce selfishness, empty selfishness and amazement with dead works of a man.

The world could live in peace if people would be more loving than I am and that is not so difficult... for anyone who is hungry for the truth or / and love. Such a person would sooner or later value every human life. But such people are rare. Maybe one out of thousand?

It is a funny thing: as long as one is completely evil, one does not want that anyone is better in his area of life, whatever that might be. But when one comes to the truth, one desires, that everyone would become better than he is... It is a beautiful thing... :) It is a joy: not being first :) hehe :)