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originally posted: June 26, 2017 on my FB page
2000 years of Church's history, written in the Bible

If you are searching for the truth, love, if you wonder - is there God or not, if you are thinking to kill someone or even yourself - don't! If you are a Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, New age Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Satanist, Agnostic, Gnostic, yogi, shaman, "prophet" of "god", Charismatic, Jew, Muslim, Witch, whatever... and if you can see, that something is just not right with "your" faith, come and see the greatest intelligence. I have put to music 7 letters of Jesus Christ from his Revelation, written in the first century AD by John, the apostle. In there it is written all the history of the Church of Christ, from the beginnings till the end. What kind of intelligence wrote such a thing? One much greater than ours... This is my everything...

When I published the video, I was joking, because I couldn't believe it: It is not even the fifth day from the day, I uploaded the video and it has already 0, zero views :) Sad story. The greatest sign of Godly intelligence revealed in our time and for us and who cares? Those, who perish, don't care...

This is my everything... Take it and come to the truth, love, God and see you on the other side :)

Blessed be the Lord!