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originally posted: June 26, 2017 on my FB page
I understand, I understand - do you?

I understand. You are vegan, who is loving and saving the animals...

I understand. You are an adult, who cannot live without your toys...

I understand. You are a good person, loving people, praying to God for them...


without which toy you could not live?
Do you understand my question?

You, vegan, claiming that you love animals but with your toxic high-tech toys, you were harming them more, than all the meat-eaters could ever do?
What will God of truth say to you? Well done? You were protecting the slaughter in the name of love and honesty? Ok, you don't care about God but if animals could speak, would they not despise you?

You like your toys of death more than living creatures?
What do you think, God of life will say to you? Well done?

do you understand, that you are destroying life, animals, wonderful people, even yourselves and your children?

do you understand that truly loving person would cry about that?
if he could not do anything about it, he would cry to the Lord and search for things, he can do...
and what do you do?

do you understand, that you are destroying the creation of God?
what do you think God will say to you?

You think you are right with God, who is to be worshipped in spirit and in truth?
You are poisoning your own children and at the same time you are praying for them?
What do you think, what will be the judgement of a just God, when judging you? Will you be considered a faithful servant, a faithful representative, loving the truth, love, life, him OR will you be found guilty of a high treason against the truth, love, life, him?

I was the same, but the Lord pardoned me. I deserved his pardon with... nothing. His act of amnesty, of great mercy changed me and is changing me... I think all the time: what can I do, to make things right? What can I do, that the name of the Lord will be magnified in truth? What can I do? Maybe the Lord will save some through me… but not the whole world. The whole world will be at the end saved from evildoers by God himself, personally... until then, or until you are alive you may come to him and receive the amnesty... as I have :)

Will you come to the truth or will you stay in lie?
Will you come to love or will you stay in evil?
Will you come to the real God or will you count on your imaginary idol?