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originally posted: June 26, 2017 on my FB page
Poisoning our own children

I am not crazy (any more), but you? I am not so sure...
How do I know? I constantly have to remind myself… over and over again :)

Out of thousands of people only two stood up and said: this is wrong!
Japanese were giving their children at school for lunch dolphin meat under the pretext, it is meat of whale. What’s the difference? Well, meat of dolphins is toxic because of high concentrations of quicksilver - a product of our civilization. And that meat was toxic, very much… Quicksilver causes degradation of animal’s and our nerve system: we cannot move, feel, think, we are in pain… And they were feeding with this poison their own children.

2 people out of thousands protested! 2 people out of thousands protested!
I do not know the whole story but in the documentary the Cove also only two men stood in front of the camera, protesting against the mayor’s plans to feed their children with highly toxic meat.
And to the Rick O’Barry the other Japanese have said: You have perfectly misunderstood.

When you protest against evil, you are always accused to be dumb, you don’t understand, they say.
You love people and yet, they accuse you, that you are evil.
They threaten you… you lose job, your wife might leave you, your parents despise you, your children mock you, your friends turn their faces away from you…
I do understand, I perfectly understand…

In this is true in every field of our lives… One out of thousands cares enough to protest! against our human-genocide. It is not just Japan, it is every country of this world.

People love money, works of man’s hands, people love lying, deadly peace, people hate truth, hate love, hate the real God, hate each other… they are afraid to do good but to do evil, they are not afraid. I was the same…

And the more we destroy our children, the more money we get. Medicine, pharmacy, healers, scientists, priests, astrologers etc, etc… everyone profits by supporting slaughter of humans in the name of fun, goodness.

One out of thousands protested against eating meat of dolphins, which is loaded with quicksilver. But how many people protest against our high technology, which releases huge amounts of quicksilver into environment? And not only quicksilver, we invented even more toxic chemicals.

One out of thousand of thousand? One out of million?

Last call: we have to do something… what is that something?
turn to the Lord
turn to the Lord
turn to the Lord

It is easy to come up with plans, which would cause a death of millions of people. That’s easy: if you hate people… Christians love people. But then, what have you done? People are killing themselves, why would you help them with that? Christian cannot kill people.

To be different, that’s the way. If they are killing themselves, hating each other, love them. If they are glorifying lies and money, walk in truth and in love etc… if they think, they are something, be nobody… The whole world is cursing God - the real one - be different, bless him.

Homo sapiens? When I was a child I “dreamt”, that we will have colonies on the Moon by now just in case if some meteor falls on the Earth, life would be preserved but people hate life and therefore we do not have colonies there. It might be, that we never went to the Moon. It is so stupid… that this could be the only explanation, why is that so or… just cruel hearts…

Homo sapiens has no future. But I desire not to harm anyone. I am trying to live a life, which is the most homo sapiens friendly… Every human hater is telling me, that is not possible… Well, I don’t care! I love homo sapiens. Why would I hurt you? I am trying… and will be trying no matter what.

As far as I see, what is going on in the world and as far as I see, what is in the Bible… it is very likely (I might be wrong about that but I doubt it), that we will mess up the whole planet and ourselves so much, that God will have to personally intervene and he will. Without him, homo sapiens has no future… and until then? Why would I destroy beautiful people, his creation? And I find everyone beautiful. I don’t see, who you are, I see life in you, I see, what you could become, if you only would desire. Why would I make my Saviour , my master his job more difficult? So, Christian, if polluting the planet, thinks a lot about how not to pollute it, how not to harm people and he does everything, what he can about it but if people will harm him, that is their problem. That is between them and God… His job is to love until his death.

the link: The Guardian - Japanese schoolchildren fed toxic dolphin meat