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originally posted: June 27, 2017 on my FB page
Vegan and Hunter

People (ordinary people, hunters, vegans...) "adore" nature
but with their way of life
they are destroying it, together with themselves

vegans especially like to accuse hunters
of being savages
and they? They are saving the planet?

Well, I was the same... but that doesn't mean it is ok.
You have "nice" living-rooms, full of toxic waste, full of death...
Could you, you personally (leave others out)
could you start at least trying not to turn the whole planet,
living-room of animals and "savages" into your death-trophy-room?

You (or should I say we) don't have much time left...
Turn to the truth, to real love, to life, to the just God of truth, love, life
You are living in deadly illusion, in a rebellion against him,
Get out! Please, for your own sake.