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originally posted: June 28, 2017 on my FB page
George Harrison

Interview 1997
GH: I’d experienced so many things and met so many people but I realized there was nothing actually that was giving me a buzz anymore. I wanted something better.
You know I get confused when I look around at the world and I see everybody’s running around and you know, as Bob Dylan said, "he not busy being born, he’s busy dying" and yet nobody’s trying to figure out what’s the cause of death and what happens when you die. I mean that to me is the only thing really that’s of any importance. The rest is all secondary.

Do you think pop musicians are afraid to deal with subjects that are so big, or it just doesn't occur to them, or do people think, Oh, it's not commercial enough, who wants to talk about life itself?

GH: I don't know what anybody else thinks and you know, as the years have gone by, I seem to have found myself more and more out on a limb, as far as, you know, that kind of thing goes. I mean, even close friends of mine, you know, they maybe don't want to talk about it because they don't understand it. But I believed in the thing that I read years ago, which I think was in the Bible, it said, "Knock and the door will be opened." And it's true, if you want to know anything in this life, you just have to knock on the door, whether that be physically on somebody else's door and ask them a question, or, which I was lucky to find, is the meditation, is, you know, it's all within.

My comment: He started with believing the Bible, found there almost nothing, since he was searching elsewhere – and finished in meditation. Is it true, that all is within? Bible speaks about conscience and the word, information, written in the Bible. GH was a follower of Vedas, he also said – I am not sure if in this interview or not – that his songs will open something in other people, like mantras… So, all is not within.
I was searching for a very specific video, but I couldn’t find it. As far as I remember – I might be wrong – but as far as I remember, he was using in that video the Bible to support his point and he was quiet about those things, where the Bible speaks against his point. I don’t find this honest. I find that manipulating. And what kind of spirit would manipulate with others? Is such spirit to be trusted? And since his spiritual guru, the founder of Hare Krishnas, was doing the same – and they say, they are following the absolute truth – how is manipulation, a perversion of the truth in agreement with the absolute truth? It cannot be. It is a lie.

Interview, 2001
I'm unhappy about the world being concreted over, all the forests chopped down, the air polluted, and the fact that the planet is in the control of mad people, people who are crazy, people who are greedy, people who are selling the forests just to make some money... but I have a long term view... all things must pass…

My comment: Who is mad? Don’t think, that mad are only people, working on the Wallstreet or super-rich people. Everyone, who believes and works for money is mad, crazy. The whole world is crazy. I was crazy too. I remember, how I loved money as a kid, 7 years old and even younger… But now? I don’t care about the money anymore. Love of money is the root of all evil, the Bible says. I don’t love money anymore but I see trust, faith, hope people have in their false god, money...

I couldn’t believe, they are so “honest” in explaining to people, how they trick them, cheat them, manipulate them. I had the same spirit – but not any more, praised be the Lord. “to kind of lull them into a sense of false security”

The only thing, which could defeat the spirit of Hare Krishna, was the truth. They are saying, that they know everything. Are they to be trusted? They used Bible to support their views and whenever the Bible contradicts them, they were quiet about that. Is such a behavior trustworthy? And above all – they are saying, that they know everything or that they know someone (their god), who knows everything and yet, they cannot see, that the Bible makes a perfect sense. It is easy to understand the Bible, very easy but they don’t. So, they either are not connected with the highest intelligence – therefore they cannot be trusted OR they know about it and are quiet – that people would not accept the Bible. They want to bring people to Vedas. That’s manipulation. Manipulation is not loving nor trustworthy. In either cases, they cannot be trusted, but the Bible can be trusted.

Chant and be Happy, ch. 1

Mukunda: I don't think it's possible to calculate just how many people were turned on to Krsna consciousness by your song "My Sweet Lord."

George: ...
My idea in "My Sweet Lord," because it sounded like a "pop song," was to sneak up on them a bit. The point was to have the people not offended by "Hallelujah," and by the time it gets to "Hare Krsna," they're already hooked, and their foot's tapping, and they're already singing along "Hallelujah," to kind of lull them into a sense of false security. And then suddenly it turns into "Hare Krsna," and they will all be singing that before they know what's happened, and they will think, "Hey, I thought I wasn't supposed to like Hare Krsna.