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originally posted: July 4, 2017 on my FB page
Poor, wise man

When I was a child, 5, 6 years old I thought that presidents are the wisest and the most loving people, since they are leading entire nations. That would make sense to me but other people choose their leaders based on other criteria: capability of deceiving, speaking nicely, speaking hostile, just being aggressive, loud enough, having an attractive, or special look... being a puppet, a scapegoat for people, who refuse to accept responsibility for their own lives.

So, yes, reality is such. A wise man is poor. True wisdom is being ignored, not supported and in that sense also attacked. And his salvation is quickly forgotten. It happened many times to people. People did this many times to their own poor, wise men and we did it to God too...

Oh, I listened to everyone. I desired to know... the truth, I desired to love everyone, I desired to be wise... And now, when my hunger is finally satisfied - not many people desire to get it from me (or from anyone else) - they "know" better... they have their own "wisdom"... I find them too aggressive, especially against the truth, love, wisdom, justice, people, God. Too aggressive... Not good for them. ----
and behold, a greater than Solomon is here...

:) :) :) Oh, my God, how much do I love thy word :) :) :) ----