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originally posted: July 14, 2017 on my FB page
Body is body

I am so, so happy, that I am alive, but you and your children are in great material and spiritual danger! I can only warn and cry and pray...

As a baby I had an allergic reaction to antibiotic: I couldn’t breathe out. My parents drove me to a doctor’s home, 2 km away, since I would not make it to medical center, 4 km away. I was already turning green, blue... She immediately gave me an injection. My life was saved in the last minute... :)

I guess antibiotic destroyed my health and bronchitis was bothering me in my early childhood, especially during winter. My parents found out, that air on some Croatian islands (at that time), help people with such problems. And we spent 7 day in a year there, so that I was able to get through the next winter without any major difficulties.

Here, I was almost ok, but notice my pale color. I am rainbow man: red, green, blue, gray, white, brown, but yellow - not yet.

When doctor saw me years after, she was surprised, that my body was ok and that I didn’t have any major health problems.

But then, I got allergies. At first 7 of them and then more and more... I got from classes at university at 13h, tired because of drugs, slept till 19h, wake up tired, had a chat with students, who lived in the same house... I am grateful to them too. But my disease became worse and worse.And asthma started to develop... it was going toward asthma too, fast.

Life became unbearable to me. In the time of exams, I had headaches - all day long for couple of days, I was thinking, that I am going crazy but then I read, that headaches are side-effects of new drugs I was taking. I was sneezing all the time. 5 or 10 or even more times in a row with all force, and no relief and after some seconds once again. So much mucus was in my throat, nose... My eyes were itching, my throat was itching, I couldn't eat some healthy food anymore... And in this condition I cried: what will be with me after 4, 5 years? Will I live in a bubble? I cried for one minute, because I didn't have more time to cry. I had to pass the exams in order to keep my scholarship for the gifted students. And I managed to be in the first third in class... Wow... with an average about 9; 10 is max.

My father had an “incurable” disease too, was on his death bed but he managed to get well. I tried the same thing. I guess my mum came to that idea and not me. Thanks mum :) And in two weeks I was like new creature... I am healed, I am healthy, I can walk on fields of grass :)

But I wasn’t healed. As soon as I started to eat our industrial “food”,the allergies returned...

So I went a step further... I was eating raw vegetarian food. And after a month, so much brown mucus went out of my body, that I lost my voice for a week. And that’s it, detox, I was cured! Not really. I didn’t have support in my relatives nor people in general. Only one raw eater together with his wife were my support at that time. My weight was dropping from 68 kg to 56, 55, 54... I became a little bit nervous, should I stop? Ok, ok, I will, if the weight falls under 53 or 52 kg... And it went down to 52 and then? It went up ;) I gained 2 kg :) It passed almost a year and I started to eat cooked food again, since it was almost impossible to get decent raw food anymore.

I tried many things to become as healthy as possible... Many toxins went out of me... it is almost unbelievable.

No colds, no flu, some minor issues (injury, toothache), but otherwise nothing until this year, when I had issues with... well, serious issues... I was feeling, that something is not 100 % right though, but my health was in general good enough... but not yet perfect.

and I found new stuff... some toxins went out again...also dark brown blood like stuff.

There is so much knowledge in the field of medicine, especially holistic, based on witchcraft, Vedas, shamanism, and other channeled informations.

I could see later, that those spiritualities, I believed in past, are deceiving people but the Bible is the word of God. But the Bible - says nothing about health, or does it?

I found, that many successful doctors and healers got their ideas from the Bible. Some were quiet about it and the others gave their own interpretation of the Bible, which was opposing it. No one gave praise to the Bible.

But Bible teaches also about health. Not the way Adventism teaches, which opposes the Bible. What the Bible teaches even in the area of bodily health is very powerful, for free, supporting superiority of the Bible, one cannot boast about it, since it is so, so simple. But since we are destroying the environment, there is less and less healing power in it and since we are more and more full of toxins... the material healing is not so much successful anymore and if not done gradually, it can even hurt or kill us.

In two days, I have spitted out 4 dcl of dark, almost black blood. On the photo is just a diluted sample! I felt much better... I am continuing with the treatment...

God created so wonderful world, he gave us his word, is offering us eternal life...and what do we do? We are destroying life, making it unbearable, we say, that his word is wrong or we come up with our own explanations, which don’t make any sense and which contradict the Bible...

We are lying, deceiving: so many lies in medicine, veganism, vegetariansim, spiritualism, religions but he and his word is true and glorious :)