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originally posted: July 15, 2017 on my FB page
Bathroom is my life, they say

my comment:
Hehe :) I've just remember... Slovenian group Hazard even sings about that in their song: He has a bathroom… Its message: If you have a bathroom, you get sex also with unfaithful women. Let me add to that: one gets in such a way also a disease, STD and a bullet from the cheated husband or he might only beat you…
Without faithfulness to the real God, one is very difficult faithful even to his closest ones… one is in danger, one is playing with his life, (the world for gambling in Slovenian originates from the word hazard): one is gambling with his life… with his own body, what to say about the soul!
Hehe, I don’t have a bathroom :) I don’t care about the bathroom :)