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originally posted: July 17, 2017 on my FB page
Do you speak the language of love?

Do you speak the language of love and truth and life?
Do you hear God speaking to you even in "small" things, even through "stupid", "annoying" people, maybe even through me?

God is warning us through his word.
We don't like it. What to do?
Let's ignore it, let's make it dumb.

God is warning us, sending us diseases.
We like to have sex with many people.
God doesn't like that so he warns us:
people get syphilis, HIV... it is epidemic.
What to do? Should we change?
No, let's ignore the warnings and let's kill the messenger (syphilis, HIV...)

God sends us cancers, it is epidemic.
We produce so many toxins and stuff...
Should we listen and change?
No. Let's ignore it and kill the messenger.
They came up with an idea, to cure cancer even with HIV,
for which they say, it can easily mutate...

We have drained the earth. Before, there were many swamps, etc... Water evaporated and rain fell down on that local area. It was a cooling device, an irrigation system. And now? Temperatures are higher, there are droughts. During autumn and spring, there are so many rain falls. The water is not accumulated anymore but if flow almost immediately into rivers, which overflow. Should we admit, that we were wrong or? Austrians put 2m high fences on their river banks, making huge amounts of water running to Slovenia, Croatia...

Many thousands of people got better or were even healed while staying at a hospital at one particular Croatian island. That air did more good than any medicine. But we desire to destroy the world and nowadays, there is no more hospital there, since the air lost its power. This is warning of God... but who cares!

There are some beetles on Slovenian fields, which did and do much damage to our crops and grass. God is telling us, that there is something seriously wrong with our agri"culture". Should we listen and change it? No. We will infect seeds of wheat with bacteria, fungus... we will poison our food resource in order to silence the messenger.

And we read the Bible. The messengers of God were pretty much all hated, tortured, killed. People want to live their way of life and they hate everyone telling them, they are wrong and that they are destroying even themselves.

The world is almost destroyed now. Slovenians are pretty much all diseased... And who will they blame? Themselves or God? Who do they praise? Themselves and the deceiving spirits, the devils. Who do they despise? The one, who wishes them all the best...

Is there any hope for a person, who ignores all warnings? And ignores or kills the messengers? Do you want to ignore all warnings?