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originally posted: July 17, 2017 on my FB page
How and why continue with this madness?

During my 37 years of life,
we have destroyed "our" environment so much
that it has lost almost all power of material healing.

Almost everyone around me takes pills, underwent at least one surgery.
Even those, who seem to be healthy, are not.
We need to change our ways, yesterday, 500 years ago! or the second best time would be now!

I love you, how could I continue with this madness?

Because of money? I love you, I love life.

Because of you being nice to me? I enjoy your company but I love you more.

Because of sex? My body would like that very much, I guess, but it is not worth it. You and children of our generation, what to say about your soulds, are worth much more. So, no, tnx.

Because of fame? I know about solutions, and 10 000 other people too, at least, how to grow healthy food, without herbicides, pesticides, GMOs, I know about solutions, how we could be as healthy as possible but those solutions don't bring any money, any fame. To be famous - I would have to live in a lie, lying to you, that I am helping you, when in reality I would hide the real solutions from you. I cannot do that, sorry. I love you and I love the truth too.

And besides that, there is also your soul (and mine) in question
not a joke...
and love of truth and love of God :)