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originally posted: July 20, 2017 on my FB page
Living in Christ, in the Truth

I was a student of physics, when they revealed to us a huge lie about science.
I was hurt, that I was cheated by society, educational system, roman-catholic religion, scientists themselves but I went along.
I understood: in order to survive and get money, we have to lie.
I lied to myself: it is not such a big lie - but it was.

And then I knew also, that by making a new technology (mobile phones, nanotechnology) we have to speak only about the good things and maybe mention here and there some minor faults but not the truth, that it will destroy human health and lives - which was obvious to everyone. (micro-particles are destroying lungs, nano? Cells, DNA... it is a no brainer - therefore I didn't go along.)
We have to lie, otherwise people will not buy it.
Then we have to accuse those, who suffer from our tech, that they are mentally ill and later, we invent some much oversimplified models, which cover up more, than they reveal.
But when people are already addicted to tech, we inform them about its dangers and are offering them our "solutions". We caused them problems and we disguise ourselves as "saviours"!!! and they love us and have faith in us. I understand that. I am not dumb.

Then I was working in nuclear industry. Plant, where I was working, was operating pretty much safe but the others? I understand, I must not tell people the truth... and giving them any names... this would hurt the nuclear industry. So, I will not reveal dark secrets but only those, you could know about. Let's say Japan. Everyone in the industry could knew (there were many written reports), how very unsafe were Japanese operating their power-plants but we were all quiet. It was only a matter of time, when a disaster would happen and it did.

I am aware of lies in medicine, holistic medicine, food industry, agri"culture", veganism, majority of religions, economy, "educational" system, our judicial system, warfare, journalism, enter-tain-ment-industry...
I speak about those things and am offering better solutions but people make me quiet, since they love money and lie more than they love the truth and true love and others.

I understand, that harming people in a legal way, is fine with you
and harming them in an illegal way, is not fine with you (but only if others are caught and not you).
An example: makers of computer games openly boast, that they are trying to make addictive game... in your face...
to enslave humans with games, novels, movies, cigarettes, wine, beer, marijuana, sex... is legal...
to set many of them free would be illegal - because that would hurt our money income...

Pretty much everyone expect from me, to hide the truth, to do evil in the name of good, to defend evil, do some minor corrections but never, ever addressing the real cause of troubles, never ever help people in truth, never ever do something really good. That's forbidden, and it is not payed. We don't tolerate this... Well, is it true, that we don't pay such work? Of course we do. Sometimes we give such people a precious piece of metal and I don't have a medal in mind... but a bullet or knife.

To live a life, majority lives, I tried... And I had to dumb myself, to lie myself, to kill my conscience, which was almost dead but it was revived by God's word, I would need to hate you!! I would need to hate life, the truth, love, God...

for a few bucks? and praises of men?
So that I would have a filled stomach, belly and you would be cheated and hurt?
No, thank you. Keep it for yourself. Give such a great job opportunity to someone else, someone, who is smart, good, wants to do great works... a great business.

I understand, why you think lie is good, (I thought so too)
but I think, you don't understand, why a lie is bad and how bad it really is.

If you would know, how bad lie is and who God is,
you would never lie...
you would desire death to no one...
you would come to Christ, get love and love every human life and his Word, the Bible, which testifies about him, exposes us and saves us.