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originally posted: July 20, 2017 on my FB wall
Le Tour de France

Yes, we did it :) Slovenian won stage 17 on Tour de France...
In time past, I would be proud too, but now...
Tell me, what do you think, what kind of future has this world, which celebrates and worships and rewards the most presumtuous, the most sly, cunning, arrogant persons? (such win stages on Tours, newspaper claims)
People, who dream only about one dream, who work hard, with everything they have only for one goal: how to defeat everyone else! The second or the third place is a defeat for them. And if we are rewarding such mentality, such behaviour and encouraging it with everything, what we have - how do we treat those, who dream and work everyday only for one goal: how to help others?
Our world is world without love, without real God... Our world worships a men, idol, false god: foot-Baal player, basket-Baal player, actor, pretender, bicyclist, ski jumper, a man, who manages to come the fastest down hill..., a man, who puts with the least strikes a ball into 18? holes... There is no wisdom, no understanding, no fear of God. God is not welcomed here and we say, he doesn't even exist. We are gods, we say boldly and proudly. Armstrong was God, Slovenian shooting champion was named God, Ibrahimović named even himself God, because he runs with a ball and does some tricks with it...

link: Delo's article, Kraljevska zmaga, 20. 07. 17